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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How people affect our lives negatively

How people affect our lives

Have you ever noticed that the people we interact and deal with influence our lives one way or the other? I know many people maybe be quite surprise to hear this but I see no other way to put it other than this.

In this article, I am going to explain some of the ways in which the people we live with, interact with and socialise with affect our lives and in this regard, it could either be in a negative or positive way.

This is a very big topic and I can’t assure you that am going to explain both the negative and positive signs to you. For this reason, I am going to focus only on how people affect our lives negatively, right?

How people affect our lives negatively

Do you know that when we believe or trust someone, anything the person says goes directly and stores in our minds without the subconscious mind filtering it? I know this may be impossible to believe but it’s the truth.

For example, when a child is still young, he sees no other person trust worthy other than his mother. The only one very close to the child is his mother and so he completely trusts and relies on his mother for almost everything. He therefore complies with anything the mother says. Whatever way the mother disciplines or educates the child will either affect the child negatively or positively.

At this moment, the child’s life solely depends on external factors such as the mother’s attitudes towards him, right? And the same thing happens in other fields of life.

Our social interaction plays a part

Another aspect in which people affect our lives negatively is the people we make friends with. Although in many cases, friends have always been some kind of support in our lives which affect us in that regard, still, some of them have exploited us in various forms. It’s true that some of the characters and traits we now have today is as a result of friends or the people around us, right?

For example, I got a mail from this site yesterday morning from a lady whom as a result of maintaining her relationship with her boyfriend started going to parties and clubs. She loved her boyfriend but the problem was that she was afraid to lose him.

So, in order for her to do this, she had to always follow him to clubs and parties. Although I managed to solve her problem but her interested of writing was focused on how to maintain this relationship without having to go far. And this is also one of the ways in which people affect our lives either positively or negatively.

How people project their feelings on to us

In most cases, this has to do when we admire and try to copy someone’s attitude, life style, talking or walking habit etc. As you can see, people influence our lives in various ways.

Although some of them intentionally do it (like when trying to correct someone), still, at some times, we are the ones who copied it and later on, it affects our behaviour and life style. And this is one of the various ways in which people affect our lives either negatively or positively.

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