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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How not to care about what people think

How not to care about what people think

Is it really possible for someone to base his life depending on how people think of him? Do you live your life based on how people expect you to? To what extend do you consider what people think of you?

I am not posing these questions in support of the fact that you should not care about what people think of you. I also know that in order to make life a comfortable place, one must consider the opinions of others, right?

But at the same time, is really fair to live your life because you want people to think about you the way you wish them to do? No!! It does not make any sense at all.

Why do others care about what people think of them?

For the fact that we are different human beings with different ways of perceiving and doing things, we’ll never have the same reasons for thinking of what others say and think of us.

For example, a person might be afraid of being disgraced by others if he regards people thoughts in a different form than someone who is afraid of what people think of him probably because he was an arrogant or a cheat.

These two people perceive what people will think of them in different dimensions. But among all the things that make people guilty of others’ thoughts is the lack of self-confidence in their beliefs.

When you see someone who is confident, no one tells you that about the person, you just know it and the same think happens with you. When you are sure of yourself, no one needs to tell you who you are except you don’t trust yourself.

Why some people feel guilty of what people think of them is highly due to the fact that they really don’t sure of their selves else they will know others are thinking positive aspects of them, right? So there will be no room for worries.

How not to care about what people think?

For instance, let us suppose you don’t smoke and someone offers you a stick of cigarette in the mist of other friends who do. Would you try to please them by going against your wish? That will be like going insane, right?

In one of my articles how to be in control of your life, I said that people lost control over their lives when they tend to please other people and the same thing happens when trying to care about what people are thinking or saying of you.

If you care about what others think of you, then you become like a remote to them. When they need you to be disgraced or shy, they control you by thinking in that pattern and there you begin to correspond.

So, in order not to care about what people think, you must begin by yourself and this nothing more than first trusting yourself, build your self-esteem and above all, make sure that what you do is just the right thing.

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