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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Signs to show that you're in love with someone

Signs to show that youíre in love

Is it possible to know if youíre in love with someone?
How does the falling in love process develop?
Knowing if youíre in love with someone isnít difficult nor something which canít be done. It's completely free and very easy. Itís nothing more than examining your past feelings and how you feel at the moment.

This is so due to the fact that love starts in a gradual process making it somehow complex to predict at an early stage. This is because, at some point in life, we develop certain strong emotions for someone without even knowing at present; why or what itís all about.

Because of this, Iím going to show you some of the signs to show that youíre in love with someone. The signs Iím going to explain are backed by psychology which when weíre in love with someone, we develop them sometimes without even knowing. Sometimes, we also display them unconsciously in front of our victims. Through the signs, youíll learn how the falling in love process begins, and how it later manifests to become love.

Signs to show that you're in love with someone

  1. Start analyzing: In my book How to make someone fall in love with you, I explained in details how visualizing with someone makes the subconscious mind perceives him/her as a potential partner. When weíre in love with someone, we unconsciously start visualizing certain mental activities with the person such as being around them, having dinner, hanging out, making love, going shopping, wed etc. This is a strong sign of love. It happens so because when we wish something to happen, we unconsciously tend to visualize how we want it to be.
  2. You felt their absence: When a baby turns around, unable to find his mother, he starts crying. During this moment, nothing interests him except his mother's presence and this reflects the process of being in love. When weíre alone we usually seek the company of our loved ones with the hope that being around them makes us complete. This one factor like this is sufficient to indicate strong sign of love especially if it involves the opposite sex.
  3. Express genuine smiles in return: If youíre faced with someone who usually bullies you, most probably you won't be comfortable around him, talk less of smiling. But what if it's someone you love, will you still be upset? Certainly not. Youíll feel happy and smile back in return, right? All this boils down to the fact that when youíre in love with someone, you feel at ease/impressed whenever you see them.
  4. Always staring: Another sign to show that youíre in love is when, you unconsciously develop a habit of always staring at the person even without any real intention. You don't even necessarily need to know why but trust me, it's just a natural trait along the falling in love process which everyone does.
  5. Center of focus: Another sign is that, when youíre in love with someone, you rarely or hardly focus that long before you start visualizing about your victim. With this process, concentration becomes difficult until you see him/her or become distracted. In most cases, this happens at the early stage of the relationship or when one lover stays out of town.

Final say on the signs of love

Are you really in love with him/her? By now, youíre in the best position to explain that. Youíre the only one who can best answer depending on the number of signs you managed to spot out. If you spotted more than two signs then youíre probability in love, but the greater the number, the higher the chances.

In order to have a complete mastery of the falling in love signs, see the second version of this. If you were still doubting, at least, this will give you a better understanding of your feelings thereby clearing any doubt.

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