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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How confident people think

The minds of confident people

Do you know that there are many benefits as a result having self-confident? Just the way you think about yourself and others make you stand unique. Have you ever seen someone lacking confident in his own self?

When someone lacks self-confidence, he tends to doubt almost everything about himself and even his thoughts. But with the case of confident people, they first believe in their ability and thoughts and so, speak confidently.

In order for me to let you know how confident people think and behave, I am going to take you inside the minds of confident people to let you know how they feel and think inside of their minds.

How confident people think about themselves

Below are some of the characteristics of confidence which most of them directly or indirect portray. You can still use them in order to build your self-confidence, right?

  • Confident people speak confidently: Just by the way a person talks, you either see two things about the person; self-confidence or lack of self-confidence. Self-confident people speak clearly and straight to the point. They know what they are saying and so they donít stammer.
  • Confident people believe in certainty: Confident people know that in order for them to be confident about themselves, they get rid of every doubt and this makes them speak boldly and certain about what they are saying. For example, you will not find a confident person using words such as hopefully, surely, I will try, maybe etc. Those are words of doubts. They choose to use confident words, which in return boost and motivate their self-confidence. They will choose to use words like definitely, really, certainly, no problem, Iíll do it, indeed. Those are confident words and thatís how confident people think and behaves.
  • I am accepted: People who lack self-confident tend to do funny thinks in order to be accepted by others. For example, you may find someone trying to please almost every person just to be accepted by all. This is the reverse with confident people. They wonít do that. They believe in their selves and know what is right and do just that. They are not manipulated by others.
  • They donít gossip or jealous: In one of my article, 'How to overcome the habit of gossiping', I said that people tend to gossip when they feel inferior about themselves. This therefore means that people who lack self-confidence or inferiority complex tend to feel some degree of their weaknesses and project it in many forms. But with the case of confident people, they donít feel one bit of jealousy, they donít gossip, they donít feel SHY because they believe in their selves. They know that they can achieve whatever they desire and so, they see no reason for such habits.
  • Confident people are resourceful: confident people donít get frustrated when in need of their desires. They possess all the necessary skills and talents to get what they want. Even if they donít possess these skills, still, they still believe that they can still learn them anytime they want.

Final words about confident people

People suffering from low self-esteem and self-confidence, reason in a certain pattern. Every time, they look for every possible ways and reasons to justify their beliefs and feel very bad when someone makes a critical comment about them.

But with confident people, they know they are worthy and so donít need external factors to justify this for them and thatís just how confident people think of themselves.

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