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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How can I stop depression?

How can I stop depression?

What causes depression? Teen years are often the source of emotional stress, not having much experience in handling life's vicissitudes. A person may feel that no one cares for him and could become painfully depressed over relatively depressed matters. Another main cause for depression is unsuccessful trial to live up to someone's task or idea. Some other life factors are the root cause such as parents divorce, sudden death of close relative or friend, failure to live up with a certain task, loss of job, even feelings of being unwanted.

At times there's a biological basis of the problem as infections or endocrine-system diseases, the hormonal shifts of the menstrual cycle, hypoglycemia, certain medications, exposure to toxic metals or chemical, allergic reactions, an unbalanced diet. All of these can lead to depression.

Depression level: There are different degrees of depression. A person might be worried of certain events in the past. Usually, such event is temporal and fades off before you know. However, if the depression mode stayed long with feelings of worthlessness, anger, and anxiety, this can lead to low-grade chronic depression.

A person may be having anxiety depressed attack, while the other person is having reluctant depressed attacked. Some people find themselves in such situations and instead of fighting the problem head on, they get involved in unnecessary activities like, indulging in drugs, unnecessary drinking, just to get up the next day to see that the depression has increased.

Fighting depression: Leave the past behind you and do not anticipate the future. Knowing that you're depressed is the key factor. Having negative thoughts about the whole thing will only add fuel to the fire. Another bold step is to set some realistic goals for yourself and accept the fact that life has its ups and downs. Each and every person is good at something then poor in another. Accept the fact that disappointments are all part of life so that when such occurs, you will get over it while smiling.

Another step is to get involved with others. Do the things that you like doing will kill the blues from its root. Since no one can see your heart but only you, pour it out to someone mature or your parents who know you better. Few good words from an understandable person can make a complete difference in your life. Also see how to build self-confidence.

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