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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How can I make shyness go away?

How can I make shyness go away?

Shyness does not tell who you are. It only tells people your behavior, reaction, and what you've learned and reinforced through experiencing with others. But when shyness forbids us from realizing our full potentials, then it must be time to do something about it.

Few secrets you won't find anywhere. As time goes on, shyness is just like yesterday. Since you have known just where your problem lies, start thinking positively about yourself and others. When you concentrate too much of yourself, the inner-self creates some reasons why you have to be shy. This makes you to start dwelling on your weaknesses (See how shyness enters your life.). The one and only way is to avoid this consciously focusing and set some good conduct for yourself.

Also, stop worrying if others are evaluating you or not as they are probably busy thinking of themselves what they will say and do. If someone childishly makes fun at you, just ignore it and understand that he/she is surely suffering from pressures or problems. All of us have times when we are not very sociable.

Shyness and public speaking. Try to be social and speak up when it's your turn. If you made a mistake along the line, don't worry much because no one is very perfect. Each human being has a way of looking at things. If they laugh at you, join them to laugh. Also understand that people are more accepted than unaccepted.

Learn to social: Learn to smile with others. If others laugh at you, join them saying, "That did not come out the right way" will help you relax and continue the conversion. Say hello to others and start a conversation. In my latest article how to start and make real friends I explained how you can start a conversation just by saying "hello"

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