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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How can I grow up if I don't leave home?

How can I grow up if i don't leave home?

Leaving home does not guarantee a successful transition to independence nor does staying at home imply failure to grow up. Growing up means more than having one's own money, job, apartment etc. For one thing, life is mastered by facing problems squarely.

I thought my Dad was too hard Take for example; Andy now 49 years old, had a father who saddled him with after school chores. During summer vacation, while other youths played, Andy had to work. He thought his Dad was the meanest man alive for not letting him to play and enjoy himself. At times, he will creamed and say 'if only I could get out of here and have my own apartment.

Now Andy has a different perspective on the matter. He said, "What Dad did for me was priceless. He thought me how to do hard work and endure hardship. Since then I have had far more serious problems to face, but now i know how to face them head on with confident"

Financial independence and leaving home

Youths often view money as easy to come by and even easier to spend. If they have a part time job, they often spend their cash on multi-media devices and fashion clothes. What a rude awakening such youths are in for when they leave home on their own? You have to learn how to manage money while you are still growing up at home.

Growing up while at home In this article I will explain to you how you can grow up without having to leave home. Nothing is gained by running away from situations that are not to our liking.

Your parents have had several years of experience doing this and you can ask them questions as: How much does it cost each month for electricity bills? Heat? Water? Telephone? What kind of axes do we pay? What rent do we pay? So if you have a job, offer to make a reasonable contribution to the upkeep of the house so as to grow up without having to leave home.

You don't need to leave home before you can grow up. However, while at home, you must work hard to develop good judgment and levelheadedness. Learn how to get along with others. Prove that you can control your emotion, criticism, failure, or disappointment. Show kindness, goodness, mildness and above all self-control.

These are the true qualities of a man or woman. Eventually, circumstances such as marriage may well propel you out of the nest of your parents' home. But until then, don't be in a hurry to leave home.

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