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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How can I cope with my parent's remarriage?

How can I cope with my parent's remarriage?

The remarriage of a parent sometimes destroy the hope that the parents will ever come back. It often makes the children feel disappointed, insecure, betrayed, and sometimes even feel jealous especially when one of spouses was death.

Learn how to cope.

By showing love for all can be used as a big step for a start. This means seeking not your own advantage but that of the other person. By putting this into consideration, you will not only win your parent's love but also prove that you are mature.

By this way, your natural parent can expand his/her love to include a new mate without losing any affection for you because genuine love can bear under any circumstances. Express your feelings in an open conversation when feel things are not moving right.

What if your parent does not want to listen?

When it's certain that your parent won't take any word against the new man of the house, then in such situation, there is nothing to be done except now for your feelings. So associating with stepbrothers and stepsisters, not treating them as outsiders will be serving as a painkiller.

The sooner you begin treating one another as real brothers and sisters, the sooner your love for one another will grow. As for the new man of the house, don't resent him. Be glad that he is there to help carry the load of household responsibilities.

Coping with unequal treatment.

After all, even a blood-related parent may love one of the children more than the others. There is an important distinction between equal and fair. People have individual personalities and different needs. So instead of being overly concerned whether you are treated equally, try to see if your stepparent is striving to meet your needs.

If you fell that these are not being met, then you have the right to discuss the issue with your biological parent and your stepparent.

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