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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How can I cope under pressure?

How can I control my emotion

Why are youths pressurized? At the age of 18, Karen was a drug addict. By the age of 17, it was certain that Mike was involving in an immoral life. When they were interview, both Karen and Mike said they did not like such life they were living.

When asked again "why then did you continue the life?" They admitted that it was pressure from friends. Karen concluded, "Every one that I was around with was into these things and this had a big impact on my life since I could not help the pressures." Mike agreed saying "I didn't want to lose my friends by going differently"

Some youths get under the influence of parents wanes, and a desire to be popular and to be accepted by friends grow strong. Others simply feel the need to talk with someone who will understands or who will make them feel loved and needed.

The problem here is that when such communication is lacking at home as often the case, they seek it among their friend. Lack of self-confidence and feelings of insecurity cause some to be vulnerable to friends pressure.

How to cope under pressure

Friends' pressure can at times be so ignorant that you may not realize how they affect you. However, the least way to know this is by knowing why you made certain changes: Have you begun to dress, talk, or behave a certain way just to suit someone or fit in a social class level? If so, there is no doubt that you are also control by social pressure.

If a friend offers you a stick of cigarette in public when mindfully you don't smoke, would you take it because you don't want to be seen different among your friends? Putting in mind that "I don't care nor afraid of what people will say or think about me" is what that helps others to cope under pressure.

I began indulging in alcohol at an early age of 16. I started drinking because I was always around people who did. Every weekend, we usually go to nightclubs and drink excessively. At a certain point in my life, I started wondering why I was involving in an abhorrence act when I knew I was never brought up in beer parlors. Therefore, I immediately say "no" to myself and quit just like that. Anyone with correct conscience does not need to rely on inexperienced friends for directions.

In one of my articles how to make real friends i explain how friends can drastically influence your personality and also how to start a friendship just by using simple words.

So in order to be on safe side, you have to choose your friends wisely. Associate with those who have Christian values and good morals in life. Show your friends to your parents or seek the help of an elderly person in making new friends will help cope friends' pressure.

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