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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How can I control my emotion?

How can I control my emotion

Emotions are very powerful. They can motivate you for both positive and negative things. It is these heightened feelings that affect the way we go about thinking and also how we behave and response to others and their actions. At times, they may seem to overwhelm us, other times as if we're not good enough to handle a certain task. However, people of all ages and backgrounds struggle to control this emotional feelings.

Part of becoming a mature and responsible person in life is learning how to control these feelings. It may well be that you feel insecure when you are faced with a new or unfamiliar situation, you may tell yourself that I will never be able to do it" but the ability to manage your emotions and to deal with people is more valuable than intelligence.

How can I control my emotion?

The following tips I am about to release to you are based on psychology and human behavioral science. They have helped many people and will not be an exception to you. All you need to do is nothing more than applying the below steps in practical form and you will build strong emotions like others.

  • Form of entertainment: In order to take proper control over your emotions, you must first adjust certain things in your life like considering your choices of movies, what you watch (music, films, magazines etc.), or any other form of entertainment. This is so because when viewing violence movie or magazine they tend to stimulate up your emotion and give rise to anger and aggressive feelings. Research shows that people watching violent films thought more aggressive thoughts and showed a rise in blood pressure than those who do not. As you can see, making wise decisions when it comes to what you watch or listen is already a fundamental way to control your emotion.
  • Anger and the reasoning ability: This is also one of the factors that causes many people to lose their emotions very quick which was supposed to be reasoned out before they carry further actions. For example, when someone upsets or provokes you, try to understand certain things about the person. This is nothing more than knowing why he or she behaved the way he/she did, was he/she deliberately trying to hurt you? Could it be that he/she was acting impulsively? Were they acting out of ignorance? Making allowances for the mistakes of others helps you gain control over your emotions, right?
  • What are your thoughts? The kind of thoughts you keep about a situation or a particular person also shape your mind in such a way that, they influence your behavior and how you perceive people especially the person in question. Having poor self-thoughts destroys the energy that would have been used in taking appropriate steps.
  • Another way you can control your emotion is by refusing to dwell on negative things that make you feel depressed or insecure. You can replace such thoughts with positive ones. One example is denying to dwell on your weaknesses, as they will prevent you from making helpful self-judgment.
  • Another way you can control your emotions is to set modest and realistic goals for yourself while on the other hand, avoiding unfairly comparing yourself with others. Every human being is independent in the sense that every human is one way different from another and with different ways of looking at things.

Controlling your emotions is not that difficult as many people may thing, its just about knowing and putting into considering few things about the situation. For Example, when someone hurts or ignores me, I just believed that the person might be suffering from pressures and problems, all of us have days when were not very sociable.

This kind of reasoning gives me enough time to sort out many things before concluding on what to do. Emotion is not something that cant be managed or controlled, its just about giving yourself enough time to reason and judge the circumstances before taking actions or concluding.

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