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Let me write for you while you sleep

Are you looking for a qualified writer? Then look no further because you're at the right spot. I can write short and long articles (350-1000 words) for your website or magazine that are rich in content, direct to the point and understandable by just anyone. I've written over 2500+ articles so far on various topics, both online and in the real world for Nine websites including not leaving out magazines i usually write for schools.

If you're a blogger, the good news about my articles is that; they're usually optimized with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) up till 85% for better ranking in major search engines. In this field, I happen to be one of the best because most of the articles I write rank somewhere around first and second pages in Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

This equally means that if your site was suffering from web traffic and each article I wrote brings 5 visitors and you ordered 20 articles, that will be an increase of 100 visitors a day to your traffic, right? What if you were starting a website/blog and hired me fully, would it not become popular within a short while without you doing much?

Let me market your website/blog while you sleep

You may have good contents but suffering from traffic because nobody knows neither about you nor your site, don't worry because I'll do that for you even while you're sleeping. When doing marketing, I don't follow the same protocol as others marketers; send visitors which never come back to the site. I don't do that!

I market your site using the right medium that targets just the right audience, which equally means that almost 70% if not more, come back again.

When doing marketing, I don't only help you get returning visitors but relevant backlinks to your site. This also means that, prior to my marketing, you site also targets and gets potential visitors from search engines as well.

Do you want to publish a book/magazine?

Are you currently writing or preparing to write a book/magazine? I have a role to play! In case you don't know, I'm the author behind "Getting over your ex in few days" and "How to make someone fall in love with you" (based on psychology) which are widely sold on the internet (especially on and Amazon) with few dozens affiliates. Due to my knowledge, expertise and successes in this area, i have a lot to contribute to your project.

If you're still planning to come up with one, I can give you all the necessary directives, facts and details you need, or why not just hire me to do the job while you have a cool head?

In case you already have the scripts, allow me go over it step-by-step for editing, orderly presentations, typos, formatting, grammar checks, word orders, suggestions etc.

Reward for my services

I would have listed the prices for my services here, but I can't since I don't know the nature of your project. So, contact me via or the contact form below with full details of your project so I'll assess and get back to you for price.

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