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'Getting Over Your Ex in Few Days'

The book, 'Getting over your ex in few days' is without doubt what its name says. The book is based on friendship and love psychology yet simplified enough to be understood by anyone. It is by far the only book online that tackles the issue of "getting over someone" with simplified examples and has no other alternative on the internet. If you doubt this statement, bookmark this page and search online for its equivalent and when you fine none, come back here for your final search.

The methods contained in this book are based on deep research and not just intuitive or traditional advices that everyone knows. The methods covered will certainly make you get over your ex just in few days without doing much nor stretching beyond your limit. By the time you must have gone half way, you'll come to discover how getting over someone is much easier than the falling in love process.

In the past, I felt just as you do. During my university days, it used to take me months if not years to get over breakup. But this isn't how I feel today. Today, it takes me just about 3-5days to get over the worst breakup. This is neither because I'm super natural nor that I'm different from you in any way. It's just because after many years of study and research, I finally discovered what bonds couple/lovers and how to untie this bond and let go love completely. You'll understand this statement better by the time you go through this book. This is no joke because those who bought and read it confirmed to this statement. In fact they testified.

This is a small book but possessing knowledge worth ten thousand pages and has twenty nine effective techniques and no out of topic or useless one. The book is 99% certain that you'll reverse this breakup in few weeks if not days. After few days of applying the methods, you'll start feeling better and by the second week, you'll be about 70% getting over your ex and before you know, getting over him/her won't be one of your worries. If you doubt this statement, below are 15% testimonies from people who read and applied it:

  • Thomas McCrayl from USA said, "I purchased "Getting over your ex in few days" and I want to thank you for your valuable coaching and advice. My ex broke up with me a year and a half ago and I went down the downward spiral. The break up was so sudden and devastating that I didn't know how to recover from it. I had never had to walk through something as painful. And believe it or not, after a year and a half I was still waiting by the phone! It was really pathetic. I allowed myself to become a wreck. I finally came to my senses and realized that I needed to get some help for my situation. I purchased your book and in just hours I felt back on my feet again! I didn't realize that I could reclaim emotion back.. "
  • Marion Kuh from Canada said, "Your techniques have set off a chain reaction in my life. Now that I look back on it again, it all seems a bit silly. I didn't realize all the pitfalls I was falling into and all the mistakes I was making to take myself lower and lower. Pretty much all the "don't do" and do you stated, well, I did them and now I laugh because you have given me the strategies I needed to overcome Kennedy (my ex) and feel like a human again. I am truly thankful for this bag of knowledge."
  • Carine Waigner from USA said, "I Let me just start by saying KUDOS to you for the excellent product. I started reading and just devoured it in about an hour and a half. You are a very insightful and intelligent guy! Your material helped me almost instantly and I feel great again! I work as a night auditor at a hotel at the moment and I have quite a bit of downtime so this allowed me to go through it all so fast. I feel like I'll be leaving work this morning as a different version of me that walked in last night. I truly feel 1000 times better about the whole situation and I am now ready to put my life back in place. I have already recommend it to some few colleagues.""
  • Solange from UK said, "With your book GETTING OVER YOR EX IN FEW DAYS, I've been able to regroup and keep myself from losing my cool and control. I was actually falling into the pitfalls you talk about in the beginning."
  • Dr. Ken from Belgium said, "First of all thank you for writing "getting over your ex in days". Your e-book and information are helping me in a lot of ways in my life. I'm sure you get a lot of correspondence like this too, but I wanted to quickly share my story. I think these events will make me a stronger and better person overall. I promised myself to start 2012 with a new outlook and somehow I found your material online. Although I am not completely over my ex, your e-book has helped me on those nights where I just needed a little push to get to bed and fall asleep. Thank you again for helping me get through the most difficult time of my life."

After going through the book, youll have something to say as well. Your own knowledge and experience will add to this list.


This book is meant only in the circle of relationship and not to be used on friends, colleagues, and family members. It's intended for people who are certain and serious about getting over their exes, and not just in getting over anyone (family members, colleagues, friends, sisters or brothers etc) for very trivial reasons because you may end up getting over them in your life. Therefore, this book isn't intended to be misunderstood, wrongly used or to start getting over everyone. I will therefore not be held responsible if you abuse it.

  • The Price: The price is $13.99 but Im hoping to soon increase it this year because I think I'm giving out too valuable techniques.
  • Format: This is an E-book (pdf format) and you'll be redirected to the download page immediately after purchase.
  • $13.99

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