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Frequently Asked Questions

When was founded? (back to top)

The idea of launching a self-help website began way back in 2009. Finally on March 18th, 2011, xKnowHow went operational.

Who is behind (back to top)

I'm Raymond Fohjem, the one who wrote all the articles and books on the site - In fact I coded even the scripts. On the other hand, I couldn't have done that successfully without my wife, Amanda Klein. She still assists me and plays a great role on the site. For example, since she's a professional coach, we both conduct coaching sessions on the site together.

What major difficulties did you encounter as a result of xKnowHow? (back to top)

As of now, what i can think of is nothing but success! But this wasn't how I felt when I was about to start up. I spent most of my spare time learning computer and website programing which wasn't easy for me at that time.

After coming up with sufficient materials to get started, financing the project as I wanted was also a big problem since I was just few years from graduating. So I relied on free and cheap services in order to get going.

Also most of the people around weren't encouraging. Sometimes I even had to battle against friends and family members who constantly believed I was wasting too much time.

About Raymond Fohjem (back to top)

I've written enough of my biography in my about page. You can see it there.

Were you an only child? (back to top)

Im proud to be the third child

What's your goal behind writing? (back to top)

My goal in life is to assist people grow consciously in all areas of life. I see writing as a short cut to reach others and accomplish that goal - is like achieving that goal each time when someone says "Hi Raymond, thanks for all that!"

What's your marital status? (back to top)

I'm happily married to Amanda Klein. I find her and our two kids (boy and girl) to be one of those cherished gift of life.

What other ways can you know me better? (back to top)

Apart from my "about page" you can know me through my writings. I guess that's because I usually use personal experiences and life style to pass out messages.

What are your sources for writing? (back to top)

Apart from my educational background, I have a wall library loaded with sufficient books on wide variety of subjects. I usually attend seminars. I also go out for psychological research but in some cases, I invite people and carry out some kind of survey.

Who can benefit from this website? (back to top)

I write in an understandable format, direct and straight to the point. I do so in order that people of lower educational background wouldn't find any difficulty extracting. If such people can, it equally means people of the higher educational values can as well. So, I write for the benefit of everyone.

I read an article but couldn't get enough! (back to top)

In most cases articles only brief especially if it's a vast topic. That's why under each article, I strive to add some relevant links. In cases where you went through, yet not satisfied, it may be that I've not covered sufficient articles or that you may need but coaching.

I have an article, can you publish it? (back to top) is just like a community website where everyone participates. So, if you wrote an article and want it to be published, I'll publish it under your name as the author so far as it's not abusive in nature or copyright. Send it via the contact form.

In what ways can I support the site? (back to top)

Just as any other good website, xKnowHow also incurs certain bills as a result of running the site and in order for me to continue running the site and providing free contents, I need your support.

You can still support the site by sharing and introducing it to others such as friends, classmates, colleagues, family member etc.

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