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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Dealing with people who blame others for their problems

Dealing with people who blame others for their problems

At times we get stuck with relatives, parents or friends pushing blames on us. And in most cases when their reasons surpass ours we tend to accept the blames even if we were right. This set of people tend to pose some difficulties when handling them.

When your best is put in place you get the blame and when you pull back, they still attribute their problems to your absence.

If you mustn't avoid these kinds of people, when dealing with them you have to be very conscious on how you go about it especially someone close.

But this doesn't mean blame-prone are tough. In fact I come across them daily and usually crush them better.

Why do they blame others

People who blame others for their problems tend to be suffering from lack of self-courage and will power. Instead of admitting that they couldn't tie a bond with you they tend to say something like "He's rude." Instead of admitting they never gave solid reason for financial assistance, they may tend to say "You're selfish." Instead of accepting their faults they tend to say you're wrong.

This is how their natures are and where this habit originated is rooted down to irresponsibility, failures and the inability to accept faults and challenges. They get better when they make others wrong and themselves perfect.

How to deal with people who blame others for their problems

There are few reasons for the beginning of such habit. One of them happens to originate from childhood experiences. As a child is growing he always depends on others for almost everything. Even when some of his demands aren't made, he usually hold others responsible and not himself.

So, whenever you see someone shifting blames on to others, know that they're still living in the past. If you must deal with them start by understanding how they think. At least, this will give you a sense of approach.

Research shows that most people who blame others for their problems tend to be slow in setting realistic goals in life. For example, if you looked at most of their plans even before they set it, no one needs to guarantee their failures.

If you happen to come across such person, in dealing with him you either avoid or give him directives. Although you'll still carry a fraction of the blames in any option you take still it's better than carrying all at last.

Assign them with tasks

Another way in dealing with these kinds of people is by assigning a task to them. For example, if they usually blame you for financial assistance, why not get a job for them? This way they wouldn't blame anyone and even they do, the greater part goes to them.

From this day, stop putting too much on your plate and begin straightening many things to them.

Make them learn to accept reality the way it supposed to be. Make them learn to accept their faults. Make them learn to say I'm sorry, I was wrong. Make them know that errors are just part of the learning process.

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