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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Compensating for inferiority complex

Compensating for inferiority complex

Just a few percentage of inferiority complex grow as a result of genes. While genes play a minor part, the enormous part stem from social heredity, our interaction with others, coupled with our beliefs about perception.

As a result of this, we're then influence by such criteria in formulating choices in life such as habits, nature of friends, even some of the walking habits in people were influenced by inferiority complex at some point in their lives.

Don't bother much how this is possible because today I'm going to show you how inferiority in people persuades many changes in their lives and how sometimes we compensate for inferiority complex even unconsciously.

Compensating for inferiority complex

If you look around you'd see many people's habit originating from inferiority complex. In rare case would you see curve legs people happily associating with each other. Since most of them aren't happy with this defect, they'd be more likely associating with normal legs people.

There's a psychological reason behind this fostered by inferiority complex. Whenever they try to associate with someone in nature, is like attracting people's attention down the street.

Another good example of compensating for inferiority complex can be clearly seen with people suffering from poor self-confidence. If you watched, you'd see that people who lack self-confidence are less likely to find someone appealing if the person lacks self-confidence. This is the inferiority complex they're trying to compensate.

As humans we tend to find others appealing when they possess something we're unable or wishing to possess. Lacking in self-confidence is the inferiority complex they're wishing to satisfy. That's why Joe will be more likely to associate better with others if he discovers that they're confident people. This is just a way Joe is trying to compensate for his weakness. At least it makes him feel better about himself.

Also, in a society where initiating a close relationship with the higher class isn't that easy people of the lower class tend to find the upper class appealing in order to compensate for their inferiority complex suffered in the lower class.

Inferiority and compensating for love

The issue of compensating for inferiority complex also targets love relationships in any many other ways. Do you know that some of the relationships you see today are fostered by inferiority complex in either of the partners?

A good example is a girl suffering from inferiority complex. It's obvious that she'd be more likely to fall in love with a handsome guy in order to proof to herself and others that she wasn't that inferior after all.

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