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Your personal coaching sessions

Over the past years, my wife, Amanda Klein and I have been transforming the lives of many people around the globe. We first started conducting national coaching sessions and due to its tremendous successes, we began receiving international clients, and so extended two branch offices where professional coaching takes place daily.

Looking back today, we can count ourselves as one of the best coaches, not only in the real world, but on the internet as well. Just as we help others, we'll equally help you in many areas of your life such as:

  • Attracting the one you love? Don't worry, We'll do that for you.
  • Breakups? We'll make you forget about him/her in few days.
  • Love/apology letter? We'll analyze and tell you just what to put down.
  • Bad habits? Don't worry, we'll help you break bad habits.
  • Matters of self-confidence? We'll build you to become more confident person.
  • Disappointment? We'll restore hope again.
  • Depression? We'll help you overcome it.
  • Inferiority complex? We'll cure it for you.
  • Shyness? We'll make you become an extrovert.
  • Loneliness? We'll tell you just how to connect and build intimacy.
  • Lack of self understanding? We'll make you understand yourself better.
  • Lack of self-motivation? We'll do that for you.
  • Divorce, sadness, guilt, anger etc. Just anything hampering your personal-growth, we'll help you!
Why our coaching is different from our general articles

The articles, books and magazines my wife and I have been writing over the past are based on general psychological facts - not targeting any particular person. On the other hand, our personal coaching is way different as it targets just you alone. Sometimes, personal questions are asked to generate positive feedback which can't be sourced in general articles or books. With this approach, you gain directives based on your situation and problem(s), and not based on general facts because you're not like any other person.

Sometimes, the topic you're looking for couldn't be found or that they've not been written yet. You may still find one out there, but looking at it critically, you'll discover that most articles only brief you - they never cover the topic fully and in details such as personal coaching.

10 reasons why we are the best
  1. We're old broom in the field as we've help hundreds of people worldwide feel happier today both online and in the real world.
  2. You only pay when result is guaranteed.
  3. You'll be coached by professionals (my wife and I) who have had years of experience.
  4. 95% of our clients always emerge satisfied.
  5. We deal with almost all problems surrounding self-growth.
  6. Our services are three times cheaper and two times effective than other coaching sessions.
  7. We don't motivate you but strive to solve your problem permanently.
  8. We send and welcome unlimited emails daily.
  9. We give you free E-book if your problem matches any of them.
  10. We're 24/7 available, so we'll always be there for you.
How the process works

When you contact us, you'll be required by us to provide all necessary details of your problem(s), appointment date and time (based on your schedule), and finally your method of communication that will be used during the coaching relationship; either by email, online chat or by Skype.

Can my money be lost? No!

While it's certain that we can handle most of the problems surrounding personal growth, yet it's still not guaranteed that we can handle just all. Therefore, we'll never ask you to pay any dime first. we'll first get all the nitty-gritty of your problem(s), assess them and if it's within our reach (usually), that's the point where you'll be directed to our payment page (usually Paypal), only when result is guaranteed.


35 minute online coaching session
Two days Email support (Unlimited)
Price: $44

55 minute online coaching session
Email support for one week (Unlimited)
Price: $145

Write to us via or through the contact form below so we'll get back to you on what next.

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