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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Building self-confidence

How to build self-confidence

This article is part two of 'How to build self-confidence'. In part one, I explained how you can build self-confidence by programming your subconscious mind with certain influential factors.

In this article, I am going to continue from where I stopped in part one. As I said in the earlier article, building self-confidence is not difficult at all or something which cannot be thought or learnt.

In order for you to build self-confidence, all you have to do is to apply the methods I gave in part one of this article coupled with the ones I listed here.

If you managed to practically apply them, then in less than no time, the issue of confidence will be something of the past or some kind of good history, right?

Building self-confidence is simple

  • Use confident words: In most of my couching seasons, I always emphasis on the issue of words usage because the kind word a person uses, equally influences his subconscious mind. This therefore means that if you, from this moment start using confident words such as definitely, I will, no problem, certainly, itís possible, your subconscious mind will in return believe that you are capable of it and this straightens your ability to complete the desired task.
  • Build your inner-self: When I talk about your inner-self, I am talking about your inner flaws such as inferiority complex, shyness etc. A resent research shows that one of the main reasons people fail to build self-confidence has to do with their internal weaknesses. This therefore means that, in order to build your self-confidence, you have to be comfortable with your inner-self by getting rid of any if exist.
  • Put up straight back: Have you ever seen a confident person walking? If you have, you would equally have discovered that almost all of them walk very straight and thatís the same reason why most celebrities walk with their backs straight and this portrays a signs of confidence in them.
  • Donít stammer: They are people who by nature are stammer, but am not talking about them. I am talking in situations where you stammer as a result of lack of ideas or fear of public. In this regard, confident people donít stammer probably because, they always know what to say, else they wonít come up. So, building your confidence also demands that you acquire enough knowledge of certain topics in order to confidently talk about without having to feel one bit of nervousness.
  • Donít get nervous: One of the ways by which you can identity a confident person is that they donít get nervous around people. They consider others as part of themselves and so feel at ease. What about you? How you feel among strangers, your victims, opponents etc. In order to be at ease and interact well with them, you must first see them from a positive lens. Another reason why you have to be confident among them is the fact that no one ordered you to be among them and so, you have to feel confident when with such people, right?

Final words about building self-confidence

People who never managed to build self-confidence are always in the dark side of life. They donít have choices, they donít make self-decisions, and they are always influenced by other peopleís decisions even on how to live their own lives.

I see no reason for someone to be part of such group of people when you know you can equally make the difference.

There are many benefits of becoming confident. As you can see, all the steps I mentioned both in part one and in this article are all applicable and backed by human psychology and deep research.

If you managed to adapt yourself to these principles, you will not only end at building self-confidence, but you will also be opened to life opportunities and become a conscious living person.

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