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Breakup poem

Letís Not Pretend

Things wonít work the way we want it
If in the very beginning we didnít plan it
Letís both be sensible and see things justly
Letís not pretend so weíll never be sorry
Days pass and as I see it, itís just a waste
If for in fact, we never can seem to face
That things just donít work for the two of us
Even if we both have each otherís trust
Time donít seem to come in our favor
And everyday we both lose the fervor
Of the love we thought we could eventually sense
Letís not pretend if we canít be more than just friends
We try so hard to come up with something
Out of this dying, fading flame of our feelings
What can we do if the road has turned bumpy?
Letís not pretend if weíre just not meant to be
It is so hard to let go of someone like you
Someone whom I thought would be forever true
But then even if you try to hide whatís in your heart
It just makes the space between us grow apart
I donít mean to say that I never loved at all
I really did my best so that we both canít fall
I tried so hard to make you feel what I feel
But then letís not pretend if this isnít just for real
The real reason is that I find it so unfair
For this love has turned into a one-sided love affair
What more can I do if you canít love me still?
I canít force you to show me what you donít feel
With a heavy heart, letís just say goodbye
You may not see it but deep inside I die
Breaking up is still the hardest thing to do
But letís not pretend, letís say farewell to me and you

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