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Breakup poem

I Should Have Seen This

how did i get here? how did i fall?
why didn't i see this coming? i didn't predict this at all.
you love me no longer. you want me no more.
my heart is shattered, my soul has drowned.
i feel a great darkness embrace me, and i cannot fight free.
am i so worthless, of so little value?
why am i never enough for anybody?
why don't you ever notice how much you make me suffer?
why aren't you ever sad, or lonely, or pained?
i love you so much, every single thing about you.
in my eyes no one will ever be as perfect as you.
the laugh, the kiss, the touch, the voice, the eyes and the soul.
for you i've cried a thousand tears, and they've never lessened the pain.
every morning i wake up and my heart is sore.
no one can save me from this bottomless pit of misery but you.
you don't even know how broken i am.

By Norine K.

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