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Breakup poem

Hurt Again But Worse

Today I found out that you played me and
Now I feel hurt and used,
You're the one who healed my heart
So I let you come inside,
But all you did was play game with me
And fill my mind with lies,
I can't believe you hurt me like this
Our relationship was doing so great,
I tried to save it just this once
But now it's just way too late,

So many people tried to tell me about
What you would do,
I should have listened to them
Cuz what they were telling me the truth,
But instead you told me they were just haters
Jealous of what we had,
But now I see we had nothing
And that makes me feel so sad,
There's nothing I can say or do
That will make you come back,
But my heart will never feel the same
Cuz it's you that it will lack,

So what do I do when the person who makes me stop crying
Makes me cry?
I guess I'll have to move on again
And find some other guy,
I wish I never met you
I wish I stayed with Mario,
At least I new about his games
Even though he didn't know,
Maybe I'll go back to him
They always say your 1st love never dies,
Maybe I'll see you around sometime,
So I guess this is good-bye.

By Amber Nicole Tiddark

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