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Breakup poem


beautiful pieces of the past
broken on the floor
try to move on
but the heavy chains hold strong
chains that were once your warm embrace
they imprison me now
to soak in my misery and loneliness
in the dark dungeon of the lost
it swallows me whole
swirling in my memories
of you and me
those soft lips
endearing eyes
sweet smile
all turning slowly
to sobs
and frowns
What was so alive
what had such warmth
is now but a cold dead corpse
rotting slowly in my mind
The love and joy i used to know
the laughs we shared
the love we made
all vaporized
within one pathetic moment
and the love that took so long to build
all destroyed
in a lightning flash
Adam, i will always love you
even if you don't love me.
I am heartbroken

By Danielle

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