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Breakup poem


I waited forever for someone like you,
What is it that you do?
One wave,
I cave.
But not this time
It’s me you’ll never find.
I was born to cry, hide, and loose,
But I was raised to think, love myself and choose.
You loved the drug, never me,
I trusted you, so just leave!
Everyone warned me,
But I couldn’t see.
Your hands covered my eyes,
And now they’re dry from all the cries.
So I’ll move on and just let go,
No more wondering, now I know.
Don’t care if you’re ok,
Your calls are just too late.
So it’s you I loved,
But it’s me I put above.
Are relationship has died,
And it’s me who has cried,
So I can finally say…goodbye.

By Ramsey Gamee

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