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Breakup poem

Everything I Had

Every thought I ever had was because you put it there.

Every memory I ever had was because of the time we shared.

Every dream I ever had was because you were on my mind.

Every time I was happy was because you were so kind.

Every time I was mad was because you crossed the line.

All the love I ever gave was because I thought you cared.

All the feelings I ever had I decided to share.

Now it's all gone!

Now it's all you I blame because you loving me is only what you claimed

Now I guess I should leave you behind me.

What's got me is you never bothered to apologize.

Just hit -n- run and push me to the side.

I'm not gonna let you destroy me and force me to hide,

but I will admit you made me cry.

Now I'll never have one heart beat to give again.

Ripped in two our love came to an end.

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