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Breakup poem

You broke my heart

I gave you the love that was left in my heart,
But when I gave it to you, you tore it
I loved you more then anyone else,
I even waited for you at home by my self.
You kissed my lips when I asked you too,
But when you say I love you I wish it was true.
Then one day you came in crying,
You said that you felt just like you were dying.
Still crying you fell to the floor,
so I panicked and ran towards the door.
So I ran to the car to get to the phone,
While dialing the number I said you never alone.
When I came in the house you lie there dead,
So I looked back at some things I shouldn't have said.
I didn't mean all the bad things I said,
Now all the bad things that come to me I really dread.
I gave you all the love in my heart,
Now that I think about it it was me that tore it apart.

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