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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Am I ready for marriage?

Am I ready for marriage?

Self-examination for marriage

Marriage can be a source of joy, hope and happiness if we are ready for it. If you wish to marry as a youth, the following questions will be meaningful to consider.

Ask yourself to what extend am I ready for marriage? How long am I ready to carry the responsibility as husband or wife? Am I capable of managing the household? Am I capable of making a daily living? Am i ready to withstand the trials and tribulations that come with marriage? Have I put all the traits of a baby when it comes to managing money?

More are needed to know

Your parents have had several years of experience doing this. Try asking them questions as: How much does it cost each month for electricity bills? Heat bills? Water bills? Telephone bills? What kind of axes do we pay? What rent do we pay?

After you must have gotten they reply, check on your salary/wages or daily income to see if you are ready for marriage.

Final words

If you comply with the above, then you can head now for the alter. However, if you are still a teenager, why not wait for a while before you start examining yourself for dating?

Waiting will not harm you, it will only give you the time you need to be ready for marriage.

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