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About Raymond Fohjem

I’m Raymond Fohjem, the one behind xknowhow. I’m the third child of my parents (Solomon Fohjem and Eveline Selke) who made enormous contributions towards my educational process. Upon graduation, I never wanted to answer “boss”. I wanted to become self-employed, so I dived straight into business. I guess I wasn’t meddling with what resonates much with my true passion so it didn’t take that long before I went completely bankrupt for three years (from 2002 to 2005).

During my downtime, I had nothing doing so I spent the bulk of my time reading self-help books and online article. I soon became interested in personal-development and began making some moves toward this direction. Not that long I discovered this is where I belong. I also started putting what I studied into practice by giving local talks, keeping journals, channeling information, carrying out coaching sessions, editing magazines (mostly school’s magazines) etc. My passion in this realm made me understood I could use what I know as a core to help other people.

Since 2005, I’ve been interviewed by community TV and radio stations and some of my works have been published in top self-help magazines, newsletters and translated to other languages. I’m also the author behind several books including; “How to Make Someone Fall in Love With you” and “Getting Over your Ex in Few Days”.

I presently recite in Ohio-U.S.A where I work full time as a freelancer and blogger behind

About xknowhow

The idea of launching a self-help website began way back in 2009. Finally on March 18th, 2011, xknowhow went operational. The purpose of xknowhow is to serve as an online encyclopedia for deep and useful information presented in an understandable format and straight to the point.

My purpose here is to help other people become self-conscious. I’m constantly amazed how the site empowers people around the globe.

xknowhow endeavors to provide nothing but forward and directive steps, and not just motivational words that lose effect the next day. I work hard to see that, I provide easy and direct ways to learn new stuffs, grow consciously, enforce positive beliefs etc.

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