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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why life is unfair

Why is life unfair?

Is life unfair? Why don’t things happen the way we wanted them? It’s true that at one point in our lives, we have once asked such questions especially when our expectations were not reachable.

Some of us go as far as blaming the universe while others attributed it to genes and for the third party, the universe favors just certain people. It’s true that some of these factors play some kind of lesser role, but still, how we go about living our lives determines the fairness of life.

Why life is unfair?

All most all of us know that life is unfair but very few people are aware of the reasons behind life’s unfairness. There’re many reasons that can make a person to see life the other way round. This will highly depend on the person’s belief system.

For example, if a child believes that making money is simple probably because his parents managed to achieve wealth doesn’t necessarily guarantee his belief, right? If this child grows up and fails to meet up with his expectations, he will tend to believe life is unfair to him. The kind of beliefs and how we perceive things influence how we see life.

Life is unfair to those who see it that way

Life tends to be unfair when we are unable to get what we want. Whenever you see someone says life is unfair, if you dig down into his life you will discover that the person has failed to meet up with certain expectation that made him say so. He does not necessarily need to know why, but research shows that people who tend to shift blames to others or nature are people suffering from their past failures.

You never tried to solve a difficult problem in your life, the tendency that you will attribute it to other things tomorrow is high and that is the same reason why people get depressed due to failures in their aims to accomplish something they desired. This therefore means that, in order to avoid life unfairness, you have to first get rid of the false belief about life unfairness and focus on what you want to achieve.

For example, if you are trying to make money, instead of focusing on the obstacles that will arise as a result of making money, concentrate instead on how to set plans to get rich and stop looking on the negative side, right? Keep trying and trying till you make it. When you do that you will discover that life is fair and the same procedures apply to any attainable desire.

See life in its real form

Life tends to be unfair when we are unable to get what we want. One of the important factor of making life as fair is by believing that everything in life is achievable. This kind of belief gives one the courage to see everything in life in its real form.

When you see things in their real forms, you know how to achieve them. Before you know, you’ll discover that life is fair and just normal.

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