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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why does he/she duped me?

Reasons why he or she duped you

Have you ever been duped in a relationship? Have you ever trusted your partner and in return you get a breakup certificate? Am sure you have witnessed a situation where after accepting him/her as a lover they immediately turned you down.

It happens all the times but the obvious question is why would a person turns around and rejects someone after responding positively to their request? Sounds weird right? But I can assure you there're many reasons behind such actions which I am going to discuss and share with you in this article.

Can someone love me and cheap on me?

One of my readers once asked me that if someone loves you, can he cheat on you? When I toll her it's perfectly possible, she exclaimed "it's not possible". As we exchanged words, up to a certain stage, I realized that she was actually referring to her relationship. So I started stating her some reasons why someone can cheat on you while he/she loves you before she could be satisfied.

There're many people today who cheat for their different reasons. Some of them believe that cheating brings out their attractiveness. This happens most with people who put much weight on personal appearance than other things.

When such people remain faithful in a relationship for a certain period of time, they tend to believe that is because they're not attractive and so the next move is to start cheating to convince themselves that they're still worthy and attractive. This is not the only thing that makes people cheat on their partners but this is also one of the strongest factors behind such action.

Why does he/she duped me?

Since there're many different factors that prompt various people to cheat over their partners, I will not recommend advices that work for particular people (What other writers do) because using advice that work for a particular people may not do well for the others. That's why I am going to give some of the reasons why most, if not all cheaters dupe their partners. Below are some reasons behind their actions:

  • I am always the winner! Due to the kind friendship some people get involved, they develop a habit of always being the winner among their friends when it has to do with girls. In this situation, when they approach their target and propose a relationship, immediately their target accepts they dupe her and jump to another one (probably, a higher class) and it goes like that. This mostly happens with guys who usually compare with other friends what class of girls they have and also how soon can they get these girls. Anytime they succeed they move to another class or advanced stage. They behave in this manner to convince themselves and others that they can get whoever they desired.
  • Past life experience: Some people got duped as a result of their partners' past life. Many people do not know this and so they attribute it to other things. For example, If a boy who grew up feeling unloved will likely fall in love with any girl that he comes across provided that other factors are constant. If later on he finds out that he was handsome or attractive, he immediately duped his partner since she was not his like, class or level. The same thing happens when someone gets into a relationship due to external factors and not the relationship. As soon as he finds a solution to his problems, he immediately starts withdrawing since it wasn't his likeness of being in the relationship.
  • Past relationship experience: The kind of relationships and friends we made in the past also mold our future relationship. If a child has always fail to have a blond in the past, he may grow up with this impression. Now, what happens if he ever comes across any blonde to his advantage? You will notice that he will do anything to get her and as soon as she accepts, the next thing is that he dupes her. Sounds weird right? The essence behind this is simple. He is just trying to makeup for his past failures. He does this unconsciously to convince himself that although he failed in the past, but he can still make it now. This is what happens with most people suffering from past relationship failure. They can do anything to get their victim but as soon as they know they have succeeded, in return they disappear just like that.
  • Relationship dependency: Another aspect that could make him give a gap in the relationship is how both of you carryout the relationship. Since the intention of most relationships, if not all, is to last, if a guy discovers that his relationship can be a burden to himself, he also starts scaring away. That is why a philosopher once said 'when a person is pleased with his relationship, he also gets closer". Another point which can make a boy escape even if he loved his girl is when a girl makes an advantage over him for financial or problem solving solution. In this situation, when he discovers that this was his roll in the relationship, he immediately starts behaving like that. Some even broke up the whole thing.

Final say on why he duped you

As you can see from the few above illustrations, you will discovered that most people who duped or cheated on their partners are most likely suffering from mental judgement. They are not quite interested in the relationship but just there to use it as some kind of painkiller.

Relationship is not something that has to be used as solution for problem solving. One Psychologist once said "relationship for other purposes is likely to result in fun". That’s why it's better to go the long way and a better mastery of someone you're hoping to be with rather than hoping to get in the relationship before knowing him.

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