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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why do we find some people attractive?

Why do we find some people attractive?

Have you ever wondered why at times we find certain people attractive? Have you ever wondered why you might be attracted to someone while it’s the reverse to another person? At least, we’ve once in a while experienced instances as such.

It’s very common everywhere; it happens in schools, your job sides, in the markets, when you go shopping, in saloons, hospitals etc. Yes, it’s true we can’t equally find everyone attractive, that’s why we have love criteria that decide our faiths when matters of love is concerned.

Prior to all that, I guess the most obvious questions should be; why does this happen this way? Why would only a certain people find someone to be attractive while to others, they’re undesirable?

Be rest assured because this is what I’m going to be tackling today in this article. But before I do that, I want you to know that there’re many factors contributing in molding our perceive attractiveness; why we find some people attractive and others, not.

How our cultures affect attraction

Our environment, the circumstances in which we were brought up, and our culture affect the way we perceive attraction than how others see it. For example, In a community where they believed that, if a person is huge, has good complexion, healthy etc. will be demanded probably because they believed that people with these characteristics give birth to healthy children.

Automatically, every man and woman with these features in that community will become attractive. Now, what if these people realized that being huge or having a great complexion does not necessarily guarantee healthy children? The reverse will now be different because the perceive attractiveness of such people will fall. That’s pretty simple, right?

The way we were brought up defines attraction

The way we have lived our lives from teen years to this day influence the way we perceive people coupled with how we were brought up by our parents also contributed to build our mindsets. For example, if a child was brought up from a poor background, will certainly grow up trying to escape the emotional pains she’d passed through.

This one factor is sufficient to influence the way she sees attraction to a certain degree. You’d realized that she’d find someone driving a big car more attractive than if the same man was trekking, right?

The same thing happens when a child was brought up by difficult parents. If he didn’t like the characters of his parents, then he’d certainly not find anyone attractive if the person happens to possess similar features of his parents.

Everyone loves them, why not me?

The people we live with, our colloquies, associates, friends etc. tend to inspire our mind on how we perceive people. In my book How to make someone fall in love with you, I explained how making your victim realized that you’re demanded by other men/women will certainly make him/her tends to find you attractive as well.

Have you ever noticed that when among your friends or closed once, if they admire someone or let’s say a certain star, very soon you also tend to like the star as well? That’s one common aspect about nature.

If everyone around is talking about a famous actor, automatically, it influences you and before you know, you’re already his fan. The same thing happens with our characters. That’s how the people we trust and those we associate with define attraction..

How physical features affect attraction

We have our different factors in life that make us assume someone as being attractive as stated above. Some people may find a person attractive when he/she has material possessions, for others, when they believe the person can assist them emotionally, and for the third group, they highly depend on the person’s physical appearance.

People of the third group are those who are not being influenced by anyone or any external element. If you’re not affected with any of these influential factors mentioned above, then you see someone attractive as he or she truely is.

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