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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why do people cheat?

why people cheat on their partners?

Has it occurred to you as to why spouses sometimes cheat? Do you think if someone loves you he can cheat on you? Why do people cheat on others?

Very few people can ride with me that it’s quite possible for someone to love and is cheating. This is common especially with people suffering from emotional pains, past relationship failures, external forces, quest for new partners and sex, change in attitudes and hobbies etc.

While some people believe cheating is unavoidable, still some rarely realize that the cause of cheating is highly rooted down on unmet needs. Sometimes they believe it's just a quest for someone different while that's not its origin.

Why do people cheat?

A person maybe in love and still cheat not because he doesn't love her but as a medium to compensate for his past relationship weaknesses. At times our teen years affect our adulthood in the sense that we grow up to develop certain habits originating from teen years experiences.

A girl who grows up feeling insecure is likely to fall for confident people. Whenever she sees someone more confident than the first, she's likely tempted to cheat. You'll realize that she does this unconsciously to guarantee security. In the real sense, she's just trying to avoid her childhood experiences without even knowing.

Another reason for why do people cheat? maybe drifting from past relationship failures that ignites cheating in them today.

For example, a boy who's been having a hard time attracting popular girls may grow up loving anyone girl who appears to be popular/famous. The worse part being that since he's trying to heal an emotional pain suffered in the past, the end result is that he'll continue to cheat as long as he continues initiating contacts with popular girls.

Why do people cheat? The desire to remain tough!

The desire to remain tough has been one of the reasons why people cheat. These people believe that having many partners running and scrambling makes them feel wanted and popular and so, boast their prestige. They just enjoy that!

The only problem with this is that whenever they get into serious relationship or settle down, their past usually makes them feel as if they've depreciated or that they’re no more attractive or wanted.

Apparently, this makes them to start cheating again as a means of gaining back their prestige and a way to proof that they’re not death after all.

Why do people cheat? Wrong match

Another cause as to why people cheat results from wrong marital mates. A good example is a person forced/influenced to marry someone out of his liking. The tendency that he'd likely cheat in the future is very high.

This is because his subconscious mind knows that he's not satisfied with his relationship and so continues searching for a potential partner. During this process, he's unconsciously cheating on the other, right?

That's why during my Coaching sessions, I usually explain how marriages that aren't based on genuine love for each other usually result in failure, cheating and disappointment, and step-by step process how marriage can be successful.

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