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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

What attracts women?

What attracts women to men?

Contrary to common beliefs some men believe that there's just one way of attracting a woman while they're nowhere near the truth. I guess it's because these people neither understand the psychology of attraction neither do they know what attracts women.

People who came to an accurate knowledge of women's desires for men find no difficulty in making them fall in love with them, and that's why it's important you know the reasons behind women's love psychology and what attracts them.

But worry no more because in this article, I'm going to help open the minds of women if you never knew how it looks. Below are some of their criteria and by understanding them you stand a better chance of attracting one into your life.

What attracts women to men?

  • What attracts women? Resourcefulness: Research shows that women become more receptive to ambitious men or men possessing several sources of income. Since women are more likely to get most of their needs satisfied by such people, they're likely to fall in love with someone possessing this criterion. If you're a woman it might sound weird but a few know what I'm talking. It shouldn't be forgotten that not every woman become receptive to this.
  • What attracts women? Criteria alignment: In some cases a woman may find a man attractive if he appears to align with one of her unmet needs. This means that if she was lagging in self-confidence and found you confident, automatically, your attractiveness and demands double in her eyes. In my book, I explained how to understand a woman's love criteria and identify her unmet needs easily.
  • What attracts women? Love and comfort: Just the ability to provide comfort and love is sufficient to bond intimacy in a woman's mind. This means that if you're gifted in this area, you won't find any difficulty attractive women of this nature. If you want to see how effective this statement is, start showing some degree of these qualities to one of your class mates, colleagues or even neighbors and experience the outcome.
  • What attracts women? Popularity: Another research also makes it clear that the majority of women get attracted to popular people. It's no wonder why most of the famous actors, comedians and other popular people tend to have dozens of relationships. This means that women will find you much attractive if they knew that you're popular.
  • Who are running after you? It's also certain that a woman tends to become more attracted to a man if she knew that other women are scrambling over him. In my book How to make someone fall in love with you, I explained how you can appear to be wanted by other women in order to increase your attractive level in the eyes of your victim.

Final say on what attracts women

There are many other reasons that attract women but the above stated are based on the general societal and psychological concept of women's love criteria. But it shouldn't also be forgotten that women tend to be different in some of these criteria.

For example, just by driving a luxurious BMW is sufficient enough to attract a certain woman while another get attracted just by assurance of the future while the third might get attracted just by the present of genuine love and respect for each other.

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