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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

What attracts people to each other?

Why people get attracted to each other

When I was still about to go into the world of personal development, one of the major confrontations I faced was with the relationship between mankind. For example, I constantly ask myself what attracts people to each other. Why do we find certain people attractive than others under same circumstances? Why do we fall in love not with everyone but with certain people? Why do lovers consider their partners as the best matches for them?

For about two and a half years such questions occupied my mind to the level that I had to get rid of them else concentration will be very far and the only way I could do that was to find answers to these questions.

These worries therefore pushed me into a more and better research and it didn’t take me that long to finally get the answers I was looking for. In return, I decided to express them out in the form of a written article and that was how I came up with this title; what attracts people to each other?

I know some of us may have never thought of such questions but now that you’ve heard of them can you imagine what might be your answers? If each and every one of us was to present his/her answers, all of us will certainly have different answers to them, right? But during my research, I came to discover that nature has a reason behind mankind’s nature.

Nature doesn’t make the human nature like this without a true cause. It happens so with a clear purpose behind it and this is what I am going to be talking in this article today. I will illustrate some of the reasons why we’re attracted not to everyone but with certain people and the things that attract people to each other.

In one of my articles, why do we find some people attractive?, I explained how our cultures, our emotional needs, environment and the circumstances in which we were brought up influence the way we get attracted to others and the same reason behind these factors also influence our connection with other people.

What attracts people to each other?

Knowing why we are attracted to certain people is not something that can’t be learned or understood by everyone. It’s nothing more than examining our relationships with other people and see how we benefit from them. But don’t look any further because, in this article, I am going to explain them to you, right?

  • Our physical appearances: During my research, I discovered that one of the factors which greatly contributes as to why people get attracted to each other is our physical appearance. This is the number one factor that makes us perceive others as interesting. It’s this same criterion that starts almost every relationship, if not all. It’s true that not everyone puts much emphasis on physical appearances, still it’s what draws the majority of people to each other. In my book, ‘How to make someone fall in love with you’, I explained how a person can manipulate physical appearance in different forms and postures to make someone finds him/her attractive even when they never thought of it.
  • Nearness distance: Another factor that makes us attracted to others is the physical proximity that we keep with the person. That is why when a student moves to another school, he/she soon makes new friends because of the physical proximity that they share daily and this is the same reason why we tend to find our neighbors and friends more attractive due to the proximity level we have with them.
  • The common interest we share: People can only be drawn or attracted to each other when they share common interest and values. Until someone finds some common interest that both of you can offer, else, they won’t find you attractive/interesting. For example, a student facing difficulties with a certain subject will automatically be attracted to another good student in this subject because at least they share common interest. And that is why we tend to be attracted to the people who possess what we need.
  • Attraction and criteria: Another important reason as to why people get attracted to each other is when they match the list of qualifications stored in our minds called subconscious criteria. When someone matches the greater percentage of these qualifications, we automatically find the person as being interesting while on the other hand, if we’re in search of a partner and found someone who does not match these criteria, automatically, the person becomes disqualified even if they appeared to be loved by other people (see why do we fall in love?) .
  • Attraction and Familiarity: Another factor that attracts people to each other is familiarity. This is so because when we are searching for a friend or partner, we unconsciously look for those who are familiar to us or resemble the people we love. During this process, we’ll not find someone attractive having contradictory values.

Final words on what attracts people to each other

There’re other minor factors that may cause people to become attracted to others, but for the sake of time, I cut them down by just mentioning only the main factors. The above mentioned are relevant because if you go deep into this topic, you will equally see that what is stated above are the main facts.

The points mentioned could also be used to attract someone you love. So, if this is your case, all you have to do is to adjust some of these influential factors until your victim is drawn to you, right? But if you still find them somehow tough, then, you can just jump to this article, 'How to make someone fall in love with you'.

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