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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

What attracts men?

What attracts men to women

Why would a man find a lady attractive while with another man is the reverse? Why do some men get attracted to physical beauty while others get attracted by other qualities? What attracts men even?

These are some of the questions women ask and sometimes men don't even know why they portray such dichotomy. This is a vast topic and answering these questions based on a personal individual's mindset won't tackle anything.

For this reason I'm going to cover this topic (what attracts men?) based on the general societal psychology of men's love criteria. So below are some of the reasons as to what attracts men to women.

What attracts men to women?

  • Physical features: Although other qualities batch to define the attractive level of a woman but it shouldn't be forgotten that the key factor of almost every man's desire for a woman begins with her physical beauty. In fact research shows that 82% of relationships emerge from sight attraction and just 18% originate from other persuades.
  • What attracts men? Societal demands: Just as high quality goods are in great demands, if a man finds that other men are scrambling after a certain woman, automatically his demand for her certainly increases even if she wasn't that beauty after all. In my book How to make someone fall in love with you, I explained how a person's attractiveness can be doubled just by appearing to be demanded by people of the opposite sex.
  • What attracts men? Racism: Men who came from high societal backgrounds and valued this fact are highly drawn to women of equal class. Men of this nature rarely find a woman appealing if she's not his type and the reverse is true of normal people. Unless she bypasses this criterion he won't even fall in love before trying to see if she matches. That's why during my Coaching sessions, I usually explain how you can understand a person's criteria in order to match and fit better in his/her life.
  • Complementary needs: Another factor that attracts men to women happens when he finds her presence necessary in his life. For example, if a man is suffering from financial break down, he's more likely to get attracted to a woman possessing wealth. The psychological reason behind this is that it makes him gain back some lost reputations. At least, this is just like compensating for his weakness.
  • What attracts men? Past life experiences: A man who failed to attain a certain status in the society is more likely to remain with this emotional setback and feelings of anxiety especially among elites. In this case he's more likely to get attracted to an elite woman even without putting any emphasis on her physical beauty at all. In most cases he might not even be aware of the forces behind his choice.

Final say on what attracts men

As you can see there are just many factors that constitute and define the love map of a man as stated above but it shouldn't be forgotten that physical beauty plays a great role especially at the early stages.

So if you're a woman hoping to attract a man you have to go beyond just looks and adjust other qualities in you, even marital qualities because all these batched themselves to define your attractiveness.

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