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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Tips before lending something to a friend

Tips before lending something to a friend

There are many things to consider when lending something to a friend. This process applies when lending money as well. In order to avoid future quarrels among your friends, you have to start avoiding it from the start.

This is nothing more than taking into consideration certain things when interacting with them over things like money or other items.

In order to be on the safe side when lending anything to a friend, you must assess them before giving it. To what extend can you trust your friend? How certain are you that you will get it back? How is their spending habit like (when lending money)

What to know before you lend something to a friend

At times, some friends are really scared to return something they borrowed because they have destroyed it somehow or maybe they have lost it. Be aware that this maybe the case and be ready to forgive them because if it was very important to you, you should not have given it to them in the first place.

If you have choose or decide to lend an item, make a note of it in the borrower's presence, and suggest a return date that you also record, along with the borrower's phone number. When the return date is up, the borrower is not surprised to get a call about the item, and should be promptly forthcoming with your item.

Make sure it's nothimg important

Make sure when you decide to lend something, it isn't an urgent money or one of your valuable items because sometimes things happen and a funny way, we don't really want to not have this person as a friend anymore, right? Only lend your friends what you feel comfortable with losing because you're not sure if they must return it.

Be upfront when you loan things in future. Give a deadline of a short period of time and don't let this deadline pass without following up on the item you have loaned. Before you lend them something, especially if it's money ask them to sign a small document indicating the deadline and politely remind them when the due day is coming.

Even if your friend wants it for a while longer, at least they will remain aware that you expect the item back as soon as possible.

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