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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Things that attract women to men

Things that attract women to men

If you take a deep watch at the society you'll discover that many people believe physical attraction is all that attracts lovers to each other. While this notion mayn't be totally denied, yet some lovers get attracted to each other based on other qualities.

While an enormous number of men get attracted to women based on their facial and bodily features, just a fraction of women fall for men based on these qualities (see What attracts women?).

But it shouldn't be forgotten that prior to physical appearance men also fall for women based on certain criteria beyond just looks, just as how some women tend to find certain men more attractive even when they really don't deserve it physially.

I know this maybe somehow hard to fathom but the following points will formulate other instances where prior to looks women fall for men.

Things that attract women to men

It's shown most clearly that one of the things that attracts women to men happens to be professional background and a recent research carried out among women proved that.

Thirty women were given pictures of some gettle men to choose which to attract into their lives. After they made the choices, the researcher then introduced each of the men by revealing his profession.

It came out that twentyfour of the women tend to see something wrong in their choices and pleaded for a second chance. This equally means that prior to physical appearance, women also tend to find men more attractive when they possessed certain appealing professions.

Women find men more attractive when they put on decent clothes

Another thing that attracts women to men happens to be in the realm of dressing. How do you know that this is a cool guy just for the first approach? How do you know that she's neat? In society how people dress reveal their qualities and mindsets through their dressing.

In the previous example, the same research proved that the first choices of the women were influenced by physical appearances fostered by their dressing manners.

Since women are usually in accordance of fashion and taste of clothes, they're more likely to get attracted to well dressed men. That's why a narcissist woman will become more receptive to the approach of a man if she knew that he's putting on a latest fashion clothe.

Women get attracted to high status cars

Another research still shows that the attractiveness of a man increases when other people saw him riding a big car. It's a simple fact that we tend to seek others in our lives when they match certain criteria we wished.

That's why if a woman values high status cars, she's more likely to get attracted to a man if she knew that he possessed a luxurious BMW or any other big car than if she saw the same man walking down the street.

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