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How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You

The book "How to Make Someone Fall in Love With You" is without doubt the only book on the internet that's going to open your stars in making someone fall in love with you without doing much. Those who read few pages and chapters of it agreed to this statement. It's no wonder why after its publication, almost 80% of people who got a copy called it ‘Weapon of Love.’ I guess it's because they understood how effective it could be in transforming the minds of the opposite sex.

The book will certainly make anyone fall in love with you without having to go beyond your limit as long as you understood it. By the time you must have gone through it, you'll come to discover how making someone fall in love with you appears to be nothing more than identifying a potential partner for yourself. This is no joke because those who bought and read it testified.

It is based on the psychology of falling in love, Neuro Linguistic programing, friendship psychology, yet simplified enough to be understood and applied by just everyone. All the techniques are unique and no useless or intuitive ones. The techniques covered are based on deep research and not intuitive or traditional advices that everyone knows. The techniques and procedures here are simple, practical and directive. So there's no time wastage.

This isn’t a very big eBook but it’s already possessing knowledge worth five thousand pages. The book is 99% certain that you'll attract him/her into your life. If you doubt this statement, below are just about 18% testimonies from people around the globe who bought and tried it, and it actually turned out to be a weapon of love indeed;

  • Johnson Akwa from United Kingdom said, "Thanks, I really love your book, it's awesome. The chapters were short yet direct to the point and easy for comprehending. I was very impressed with chapter 7. Is like I found this chapter to be all I need to know in order to get going. I found this book second to none. Best regard."
  • Evelyn Goldie from USA said, “Thank you for such a peace of great work. I'm happy neither my time nor my money was flushed. ‘how to make someone fall in love with you’ is really what its name sounds.
  • Joyce M. from USA said, “Thank you for such amazing techniques compiled. I usually thought making someone fall in love with me was impossible but now I see how it's possible After going half way, I understood how the minds of people can be programed. Each time I open the book, is like seeing it for the very first time!
  • George Craig from South Africa "Hello sir, I purchased your ebook and it's been really helpful. I wish I had done that a month ago. In a matter of three days I've been able to make a lot more progress."

After going through it, you’ll have something to say as well. Your own knowledge and experience will add to this list.


This book is intended for people who are serious about the relationship and not in fooling others to fall in love with you. It hurts when you make someone fall in love with you and turn around and dump them. The book is not intended to be misunderstood, wrongly used or to play over the minds of others. Love hurts at times. I will therefore not be held responsible if you misuse the contents of this book in fooling people to fall in love with you without any meaningful or serious intention.

  • The Price: The price is $13.99 only but I’m hoping to soon increase it this year because I think I'm giving out too valuable techniques.
  • Format: This is an E-book (pdf format) and you'll be redirected to the download page immediately after purchase.
  • $13.99

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