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Written by: Raymond Fohjem - July 12th, 2013

Series 4: Preparation against my travel to the USA

Preparation against my travel to the USA

Eventually, I returned to the American Embassy on the 18th July as was told by the consular officer against my visa package. I think the total process didn't last three hours before it was handed to me. The package contained my passport, A/L certificate, birth certificate, and a sealed envelope that will be handed to the consular officer upon arriving in the United States of America.

The flight ticket to Maryland will cost approximately some CFA700.000 (about $1500.00). I was told the price fluctuates but usually centers around this figure. Since I haven't decided a date to fly, I only inquired.

Flight is the least of things to even bother about but i guess it should be within a few months since the visa permits my stay in Cameroon no more than six months. I'd have traveled on the 20th but I couldn't. I think I still have many things to setup before I finally say goodbye.

Making arrangements before saying farewell

I have a lot more people to say goodbye before I leave. I deem sufficient enough chance to spend hours, days if not months with good friends, relatives, family members, and also organize my assets as well.

I can't expect myself to suddenly vanish without hanging around with these people. That's not my style and I'm not against time. They're my people. I like associating and connecting with these packs before I disappoint them. From day one, I knew it'll be somehow not easy convincing these people about this new persuade. They just can't trade my physicality for absence. I was quite sure of that.

Looking at it from the mindset of productivity and personal growth, it's really a tremendous life transformation but therein lays some bit of sincerity. I'm fully aware that most of these people are crippled with happiness, yet some part of their minds are restless totally hard coded with the notion of "missing me." It's reciprocal.

This tells me I'm connected with highly spiritual beings. Duna Kevin and I don't only connect on the bases of friendship. Since his website is in congruent with mine we blog together most of the time. If I have to be certain, I'd say this guy lured me into forum marketing strategies which I still apply today. At the time of writing this article, about 30% of my daily traffic comes from StumbleUpon and Niaraland. Kiddo to this guy!

Back home, I also have a family and brothers. I need to setup many things right so no one feels my absence when I'll be saying farewell. I don't enjoy seeing tears on people's faces but I'm ok with tears of joy. I need to put in place steady sources of income that will be used to cater for bills while I have a focus mind and a cool head in the States.

What about

Writing and networking with other people have always been my #1 priority in life since childhood - I love sharing ideas and experiences. I found xKnowHow as a way to accomplish that objective. I think that I still owe xKnowHow and my readers alot more fresh articles before I travel and in the States I'll happily continue from where I stopped.

When everything has been put in place I'll pick a day for flight. I think the next series will hold enough detailed information on that. Do always check back.

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