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Written by: Raymond Fohjem - June 17th, 2012

Series 1: I won the American DV lottery

I won the American DV lottery

I won the American DV Lottery! It sounds "wow!" but this isn't how smooth the process was like to me from day one. Let's just assume it was destined a chance was reserved for me in the program. I undergone many instances that would have been sufficient enough to let many people give up completely as a hopeless course.

Throughout most of my adult life, I've never believed in the concept of "something for nothing." This concept tells me that in order to achieve I have to incur the challenges. But I over coded it in my mind till the degree I began perceiving lottery, tombola, jackpot, even some kind of gifts and opportunities as "something for nothing."

Such things were like alternatives to slow ambition minions pondering on their existence. I guess this was among the reasons I've always tend to linger at the mention of DV Lottery participation in the past.

I finally participated reluctantly

Last year a childhood friend, Foncham Bobga lured me to American DV Lottery Program. The guy persuaded I go after it but I still held my belief firm. I never enjoyed the idea of travelling outside my country nor nationalizing anywhere. I loved Cameroon and was proud of that.

Eventually I decided to drift a bit and see what happens. His father owned one of the public cyber so we went there. Upon completion I was provided with a printed confirmation paper carrying some data to check the status of my entry beginning from 1st May on the dv lottery website.

I applied reluctantly hoping that my time and cash were squashed. Some part of me was like saying "Hi Raymond, you're trying to get something for nothing." so I cup-out.

As was stated on the confirmation receipt I was to check back but it was already June and I've not done that. I never cared. I wasn't interested anymore. The "no check" desire became evidently and highly rooted when my junior brother said his' wasn't successful coupled with some few neighbors I know so well. Not long a friend also affirmed to his. With all the attestation of failures, I didn't want to invest another bit of my time checking status of things I already know. I felt like "That's insane, I know what to do with my time!"

On a bright Sunday, I'd just been wallowing in the house so I went on facebook hoping to find a friend or two to hang on. Is like everyone was offline so I was somehow disappointed again. Upon leaving a "friend request" popped. She was one of my readers in Florida. The young lady told me how my articles have touched her in many directions of her life. Our conversation was soon shifted to more deeper issues when she admitted she's a Nigerian but won the American DV Lottery and has been in the States since 2005.

I was smart enough to see that my limiting belief was fostered by testimonies from unsuccessful applicants quite unaware of successful applicants around the globe. Knowing she was among the millions of successes was enough to redeem hope so I dived to the DV website, filled in my confirmation code, name, and year of birth. Upon clicking the submit button, a new page was opened. The page was cluttered with many nitty-gritties, processes, barcode, links etc.

What almost pull my head off was the first sentence: "You are among those randomly selected for further processing in the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program for the fiscal year 2013...." Nothing on the page interested me again. That was enough. That was all I wanted to see. It was sufficient enough to let me tough the sky. After all, I was selected in the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program. I was later told Bobga made it as well.

The first stage has been crossed

Although I just crossed the first stage of the American DV Lottery Program, I don't think winning is all that has to do. it comes with other minor challenges. Yes, they're really minor. I think this is the stage where one starts incurring financial bills. At least, from here every dime invested is worthy of it.

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