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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to turn a friend into a lover

How to turn a friend into a lover

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to make a friendship with someone turn into love relationship? I have been in such situation. It's true that at point in our lives, we have wanted things to happen the way we desire. A friend of mine once told me that most of his friends happen to be girls.

It didn't end there. He says it happens so because whenever he approach a girl for the first time and succeeded, the whole thing turns to Mr and Mrs best friends. Many others like my friend still face this same philosophy.

In the beginning, I wanted to tell him what I recommend but though it better to write an article covering this topic (How to turn a friend into lover) since there're still many others in same shoe with my friend.

Why does it happen this way?

Just like my friend, many others are into this pattern due to many tiny factors that differ from one individual to the other. Some might fail to turn their friendship into a love relationship due to certain factors hindering them like how to start, method of approach, would he/she accepts me, what other will say. Why would they not succeed? It's difficult to make courageous move when such thoughts are being held.

For my friend, I discovered that he was actually bold and didn’t lack something to say. But what was his problem? Despite all the fact that he was bold and over confident of himself, most of his approach and interaction were just moves of best friends. When two people meet for the first time, the kind of relationship they will build highly depends on how they talk and interaction with each other.

How to turn a friend into a lover

Since turning a friend into a lover seems to be some kind of barrier holding certain people behind like my friend, I will give some steps which anyone can apply. Remember that most of these methods work well for people who are already friends with their victims.

How do you interact with your victim?

The way you interact or behave with your victim also has a lot to do in forming or building the kind of relationship. A saying goes that "When in Rome, do like the Romans" What about you? If you want a love relationship behave as lovers do. If you want just a friendship, then behave like a good friend. The choice is yours (I'll behave like lovers). This is also one of the weaknesses I saw in my friend.

One instance was when my friend and I were watching BBC (Our favorite station) and she visited. My friend started it well by welcoming her and offering her a glass of cold juice, but the rest of the hours were just cold to me. Instead of playing a movie for her sake (probably romantic movie), he entertained her with news (weird). Instead of sitting close to her and expressing some deeper feelings(love), he gave a huge distance and was talking politics (weird). This illustration also point out to the fact that interaction and communication are what determine the kind of relationship.

Do you have to take him/her out?

I won't make a joke that it's easy to turn a friend into a lover but I will be honest about one thing here: Anyone can make it if he/she applies a little more effort. This is nothing more than going beyond the usual platform. For example, if are invited to a party or clubbing to come along with your boy/girl friend, don't hesitate to also invite your friend. Am sure you must be wondering the essence behind this. It's simple!! the occasion was intented for couples and so, taking your friend along makes them feel as partners.

In this kind of strategy, you don't necessarily need to talk much about your belief to them but you just have to let the situation speaks. While there, at certain moment someone might address both of you as couple or partners and such phrase straightens your belief because sooner or later he/she will tend to consider as such.

Another instance maybe when both of you are prompt to dance and this gives you guys the go ahead to touch and feel each other on the dance floor. Very soon you will realized that both of you are now close to each other even when at home. If you can manage to convince your friend to always follow you to such places, within the shortest time, he/she will soon perceive you as a lover.

Does your dressing matter?

Does your dressing style matter? Many people still ask this question when trying to convert their friendship into a love relationship. People have their different ways of perceiving things. While some Writers put much emphasis on dressing manner or appearance, others (like myself) don't think in that pattern. I am not trying to contradict them but I am only trying to let you know that, such method works well for people meeting for the first time. This is so because someone who is a friend to you knows you already. In my book How to make someone fall in love with you I said that before someone accepts you as a friend or lover, you must have already matched his/her desired criteria.

so I see no sense in trying to disguise in a dress or pretending behind artificial imagery. Just go ahead and invite your victim somewhere cool and express your mind. But before that make he/she see enough reasons for your decision and this is nothing more than assuring them of a better future ahead with you.

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