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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to support friends when they are down

How to support friends when they are down

How can you show your friends that you care about the friendship?
How can you convince them that you are the right friend?

There are many ways to improve a relationship with someone, but when talking about supporting friends when they are down, there is just one degree of support a friend can give in return of their friendship.

Some people believe that supporting friends when they are down is all about making them see their love. While this is not very far from the truth, still, how can a person show love to a friend when they are down without helping to solve their problem?

There are practically many ways to support a friend. Today I will focus on how you can support friends especially when they are mentally or physically down. The below steps will act as some kind of assistance in this kind of situation.

Step-by-step process to support friends when they are down

The first thing you have to do is to find out what their problems are. This is because; you can't support friends who are down without knowing what their problems are. You can get the answer only by them. That's, you will have to approach them and gently ask what the problem is.

In order for them to kindly give you the real answer, you have to ask them in a gentle tone while at the same time, behaving as you are in favor of them. By using this kind of approach, they will express their problem to you.

Another kind of friends will choose to keep their problems only to their selves. This kind of friends will never give you full details and in some cases, they don't even say anything related to it. Now, as a true friend, what are you supposed to do? Do you really need to allow them be? No!

This is your time to dig out the details from external source. You can contact others involved. If you think that this might have something to do with her guy, won't it make sense to approach her guy? This way you can get some relevant details. If your friend notices that you finally came out with the information from an external source, they will totally believe you are a true friend indeed.

Approach your friends' issue like a judge

When you must have understood what the whole issue was really about, approach your friend and try to make them see your own view point. Make them understand with you by giving them real facts. Give them facts that concern or relate to the issue.

When explaining all these to your friend, always try to shift the fault to something else and make them know that it's not their fault.

This is because; everybody likes to be a winner. At this point, you are the judge, so if you managed to convince them that it was not their fault but because of ..., they will believe you because when someone is down, he or she is highly dependent on external factors for support. This process also makes them to gain fast recovery.

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