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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to support a friend quit drug

How to support a friend quit drug

Supporting a friend quit drug usage is nothing other than bringing out the negative effects of drugs and how it can influence their future. If you are trying to help a friend stop consuming drugs, you have chosen this part as a real friend.

However, while this part maybe the easiest one, still the rest may appear to be a little bit tough. The good news is that many people have succeeded in achieving their aims. Before you can support in this situation, your friend must first acknowledge that they are drug addict.

Secondly, that using drugs is dangerous. Without acknowledging these facts, there will never be a solution.

Why are they addicted to drugs?

There are many reasons that can influence someone to indulge in drugs. While there're many reasons for this, still, many people indulge in drugs with different objectives to satisfy their different needs. The reason why a young man may take drugs is far different from an age person.

Most people who take drugs are those who never managed to complete certain assignments in their lives like failure to meet up with an expectation, feel happy, loss of job, breakup, loss of money, death of a loved one.

This is because, when they failed or never meet up with their expectation, they tend to find comfort in drugs. Many people do not know this about drug users and just continue to wonder endlessly.

How to support a friend quit drug

Before you can show concern, you must first convince your friend to accept the fact that drug can never be a solution. Constantly remind them of the negative consequences of drug usage such as health issues, legal issues, and the potential loss of you as their friend. Weigh those against the perceived benefits of using the drugs.

Get your friend to admit that choosing not to use drugs yields the greater benefit. In order to stop a heavy drug user, you must need the help of a professional, and for the long term. You can help by taking them to a clinic or a professional. You can also help them change their environment to get rid of the temptation.

Another step is to let your friend understand by word and deed that you are there for them and for their support. Help your friend remained focused on the positive goals that life has to offer and how they can achieve them without drugs. Reinforce your friend's good behaviors without drugs. Don't abandon your friend when they slip up. This is the period they need you most.

At times, search online for help assistance. Using major search engine like Google will help give you helpful advice and information about helping a friend quit drug.

Drugs dependency is one of life's most difficult problems to overcome. Patience and persistence are both necessary. Always keep focused on the positive outcome.

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