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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to stop someone from falling in love with you

How do I stop someone from falling in love with me?

In most cases, when we are in love with someone or just admired a person, we look for all ways to approach the person and express our deep feelings. Until we do it before we can feel relief. Now, if someone falls in love with you and is making all his advancements to get you, can you do anything about it? Cool right?

What if on the other hand you don't consider to be into a relationship with Mr/Mrs wrong? What happens if he/she is just chasing you ups and downs without a true cause behind his intensions? What if you wanted nothing but just a friendship? What if you're married and intended not to cheat on your spouse?

These are some of the questions I get from my readers. That is why I came out with this articles "How to stop someone from falling in love with you". This article is going to cover the whole of this field and also in situation like when the pressure is coming from a colleague or a closed friend.

Is it possible to stop someone from falling in love with you?

Some writers says the falling in love process is like a strong emotion developed for someone like a journey which when started you can't return. While this is not very far from their truth, what I don't really agree is the fact that they usually say when started, you can't go back.

If that's true, it means that when someone is attracted to you (the wrong match), you can't do anything order than showing love in return since he/she can't go back as they say. What I am not aware of is whether these writers have enough clues of what they're saying. Or was it inappropriate research? I am still to find out!!

If you don't love someone in return, it's totally possible to stop them from falling in love with you even if it happens to be your Boss. In My book How to make someone fall in love with you, I explained the falling in love process, I said that we don't fall in love with anyone but with those who appear to match our love criteria. (See this article "why do we fall in love?" for better understanding).

How to stop someone from falling in love with you

Today, I will be giving nothing but direct techniques which you can use to achieve your objectives over Mr/Mrs wrong. The below steps will act as some kind of barrier hindering them:

  • Use wallpapers approach: This method works best if your victim is a colleague or a closed friend and on the other hand you're married. In this situation, get some good pictures of your wedding or other nice picture with your spouse and display them as your wallpapers or screen saver. It does not matter where the computer is whether at hope or at the office. If you’re not married, you can consider setting pictures with other opposite sex friend to keep that impression you're married. With this kind of approach, no one needs to tell them that you're married and love your husband dearly. This is one of the strategies that will irritate your victim.
  • use your photo or wedding album: This step is the continuation of the above mentioned. If your victim appears to not know much about you probably because you guys just met for some time now, let him know a little more about you. This is nothing more than welcoming him each time he visits and offer him your family album. By the time he's done the thrill for love relation will die and remains like that except for just ordinary friendship.
  • Put on your wedding ring: This method can apply to anyone since Married and unmarried people do put on rings. With this approach you can put on a ring on the wedding finger just to scare them away. Honesty is left for you to choose whether or not.
  • Express your love to someone else: When you're with him and a conversation arises related to the topic, talk and in some instances, illustrate yourself with your spouse or your ex. For example, "the first time I went to Las Vegas was with my spouse/ex/guy", "he/she is to dear to me" etc. This way they will know you've already given your heart to someone else and this step stops them from falling in love with you. Order than just friends, they'll let you be.
  • Use face-to-face talk: If they appear to be stubborn or it's someone who knows you well probably your marital statue, they will be no need trying to disguise. Sorting it out by telling them face-to-face. This is because when you tell someone your belief while creating reasons, they will tend to believe you. After all, the subconscious mind is highly programed when it receives direct programing from trusted source.

These methods work well for me but if after applying the above methods and your victim appears to be resistant, then by making him know that the next thing will be legal actions will scare him away. Or is he a nuisance? If not he'll run with his precious life.

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