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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to remember a friend who died

How to remember a friend who died

Missing a friend is never going to be easy. But above all, Keeping your own sense of calm and maintaining your friend's memory is important element of the grieving process. Accept that this is going to be a very hard time in your life but be reassured by the reality that you will get through this and that the best way to honor a friend who died is to retain his or her memory always alive in your heart.

This is nothing more than thinking of the good times you spent together, all the fond memories of how things used to be when you shared things together.

On the other hand, you don't have to joke with that things that took his or her life. The below guides will act as some kind of help in order for you to keep close memories with them.

Step-by-step procedure to remember your friend who died

  • Make something in their honor: In order to remember a friend who died, you must find some time alone to think and reflect on the past. After this, make a scrapbook of your friend's life. Put some pictures of them from when they were young till the present time when death struck. Display captions or remembered stories next to the pictures. Look at it when you are feeling down. Doing things like this that remind you of such a friend will help you develop positive feelings and thoughts of your friend.
  • Honor your friend's hobby: If you noticed your friend likes sport, then, find time to do same sport in your friend's honor. Or if he or she battled cancer, check with the Cancer Society and do a Walk For the Cure or something similar. Donate any funds in your friend's name. This gives great honor to your friend's memory, and does something positive in the world at the same time.
  • Visit he or she: To remember a friend who died, you must at times visit his or her grave. Pray for your friend who died, for yourself, his or her other friends and family members. Tell your friend how you feel, that you missed them; talk over things that are happening in your life, and how different things are since your friend can't be with you. Make your friend know that he or she is in your heart wherever you go.

Final words about your friend

Once in a while, go out with your other friends and do anything to distract your mind off the pain. Distracting your thoughts for a while will not make you forget your friend forever. Dwelling on your own pain doesn't honor your friend's memory. Rather, remembering your friend with love and affection as you do is what your friend would want you to do.

Often, soon after the death of a loved one, we're influenced by bad dreams, and during this period, sleep seems scary and impossible. In this case, before you go to bed, put on some soothing music, or let the television play softly in the background.

The music or words from the television is simply to direct your dream state a little, keeping you from re-cycling your grief through your dreams.

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