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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to make friends in a new town

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How to make friends in a new town

At times, it's difficult for us to move to another town due to the circumstances that we are going to face there. One thing important to note is the fact that, if it's certain that you have to move to a new town beyond your wish, would you resent? I doubt it. In this situation, what would you do? You're left with just two options to either go or later bear the consequences after.

Many people are quit conscious of their decisions when it comes to moving to a new town and the majority of them stress the root cause of their reluctance as "problem of making friends" in a new area.

Making friends in a new town is not quite difficult as some people might think. It's just about: knowing few things about them.

Why some people fail to make new friends

There are many causes that can hinder a person from making friends in a new environment. Still some of these causes can be stressed as lack of self-esteem and shyness. Another reason can be unfairly comparing one's self with others.

The probability for such people to make new friends is very slim in the sense that, when they try to compare, they instead compare their selves with people of high social class and in most cases, they failed thereby remaining friendless.

How to make friends in a new town

Today, I will explain to you how to make real friends in a new town even if you appear to be very shy. This is so because shyness has little percentage in making friends. Emphases are usually placed on other factors such as interest and actions. Below are some simple steps:

  • Choose the right type: I am sure by now you must have already known who your friends should be and how you are expecting them to behave right? This is to assist you in order not to fall for anyone, but with those who deserve it. This is because; when you make friends with people who match your criteria, the relationship will equally last for long.
  • Openly show interest: Research shows that people who are quick to interact with others equally have a good number of friends. I am not saying you start interacting with anyone but what am trying to let you know is the fact that, when you start showing concern in others' activities, they will be drawn to you. In my book how to make someone fall in love with you, I explained in details that, people are only interested in those who possess the qualities that they desire.
  • Let your actions be interpreted: A person can't just see you and start imagining if you need friend except you let certain things to be interpreted about you. Many people don't know this and in return they blame their selves. Letting your actions to be interpreted is nothing more than showing concern. For instance, if your classmates usually do joint study, joining them will result in friendship. The same thing happens in every day-to-day situation. The main essence is to let your victim know you like their company.
  • A little effort more personal: In most of my articles on friendship issues, I usually give credit on the exchange of names. This is so because; name actually plays an important part in friendship. Name can be another form of interest which you can show anyone for a start by requesting his/her name. This way, it's clear that you're interested. As soon as the whole thing is working out, you can then go personal by sharing common ideas and also exchanging contact numbers.

How to make friends in a new town

As you can see from the above mentioned, making friends in a new town is not something super natural or something which no one can do. All you need to do is to follow the steps I gave above.

Before you may know, you will not only make and keep a single friendship, but you will as well become popular within the shortest time possible with many fans and friends.

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