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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to know if a friend is upset

How to know if a friend is upset

Being unconscious of negative emotions and feelings your friend is undergoing can be something weird. Although some friends are completely aware and prefer to keep their problem to themselves and deal with it alone, still, the majority of them need at least someone to turn to.

If you miss out the fact that something is wrong with a friend, you lose out a possible chance to show them that you care about them.

In order to know if your friend is upset, you will have to go through the below mention points. The more of these points you spot out, the higher the chance that he or she is upset.

How to know if a friend is upset

The first step of knowing if a friend is upset is by examining certain aspect of their characters through body language. This is nothing more than observing how they used to behave and response back to other and yourself.

If a friend who usually sees you often starts going funny, then this is an indication that they are upset either in your part or someone might have offended them. This step gives you the chance to approach them and sort out the issue.

There are many people that when they are upset they decide to keep everything to their selves. But it is still very possible to examine this kind of people with their knowledge. This is because when someone starts keeping things only to themselves, if reaches a certain level that it starts affecting their facial features.

If it does not appear on the face, you will realized that they are now cool with others and this happens due to the mental activities running in their mind at once.

Further signs

Another way that you can still know if a friend is upset is by looking them in the eyes. In most cases, when a friend is upset in your path, he/she tends to start avoiding eye-to-eye contact with you. This is because, when people are emotionally upset, they prefer not to look their victims in the eyes and the reverse is true.

You will also notice that when this starts happening, they will also start losing company and this is one of the factors that destroys friendship. In one of my articles, how to improve a friendship, I explained that, when someone starts losing company in a friendship, the relationship starts falling.

When conversing, you also notice many things about them. Their ways of talking change, their smiles quickly fade away, does not actually concentrate for long. All these signs indicate an emotional problem.

You can also know if a friend is upset by how they now behave and response toward you or on to others. When someone you really know starts being hostile, they are unconsciously aware that they are simply sending out two massages to people: The first is that they upset and the second, that they can't handle their problems.

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