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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to keep in touch with a friend

How to keep in touch with a friend

There're people who have many friends here and there, among them, they are some who never managed to keep a lasting friendship. One thing these people failed to know is that; having all kinds of friends isn't what matters but how you will keep in touch with them.

They know only how to build friendship but they don't have any idea how to keep it going. Staying in touch is nothing more than updating and making your friends know that you're there.

In order to stay in touch with a friend, you must play your part while on the other hand, they play theirs. Make them to know that you are always there for them. Show them that you can always remember important dates in their lives like birthdays and other important dates.

In my book, how to make someone fall in love with you, I gave detailed explanations how knowing important dates in someone's life, can be used to make him/her to be drawn to you.

How to keep in touch with a friend

There're many ways to always keep in touch with a friend, but today, I will brief them by going directly to the point and give you the ones I considered to be very important. Below are some:

  • Text massage: A quick way to keep in touch with a friend without having to spend or travel from place to place is just by sending a text massage. This process doesn't cost much and the impact is very high. Text them will simply show that you are always alive and without the mouth, you can still type to them.
  • Call: You can still keep in touch with friends just by giving them a phone call. It does necessarily going to be a long call, but even a short phone call expressing intimacy and concern means a lot to a friend. The reverse is also true.
  • Use online chart or E-mail: A great way to stay in touch! Use instant messengers. This, too, shows that you're alive and have not lost your fingers in some freak accident.
  • Remember important dates: If you can always remember to show them concern especially on important dates in their lives like birthdays, they'll be impressed for you. Is left to you to decide what will be good as a gift.
  • Write letters: Letters can be a great way to let your friends know what is going on, and around you. It's easy! Don't be afraid of being boring as this part of showing them your mind. Finish your letter off with smiley faces, spilled beer, drawings, x's and o's, pieces of food, dog foot prints...whatever seems suitable.
  • Send ready-made cards: It's a non-time-consuming way to let your buddy know you're thinking about them. Pick something that you think will make him or her laugh or happy. Then, add a quick message, just sign your name, and send it over!

How to keep in touch with a friend

As you can see from the above mentioned, keeping in touch with a friend is not something super natural or something which no one can do. All you need to do is to follow the steps I gave above.

Before you may know, you will not only keep in touch with your friend, but the relationship will also improve as well.

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