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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to improve a friendship

How to improve a friendship

Since friendship exists, there is bound to be misunderstanding among friends. However, friendship now in our time is something one can't run away from it since in order to survive in our day-to-day activities, we must need certain people around us.

Some people failed to improve on their relationship and concluded that "the whole thing was not working out" The obvious question should be, would you forget all the good things you have shared in the past and break up with someone because the present time is not working out?

Many people do not have the answer to this question and so, they break up with their friends over little misunderstanding. Based on friendship psychology and my age experience, any relationship between two or more people can be improved even if it was at the point of breakup.

What destroys the immune of friendship?

When there is lack of intimacy in a friendship, the relationship it bound to collapse. Intimacy is what takes friendship to a good level. When friends start keeping things to their selves, the relationship also starts falling.

Today I will be giving you some simple tips which if used properly; you will be able to improve a friendship especially if you were losing intimacy and closeness.

This is how to improve a friendship

  • Show them comfort: Lack of concern and comfort are some of the things that weaken a friendship. One of the strongest factors of improving a friendship is nothing more than expressing comfort in times of needs. When they are in sad mode or not feeling well, this is your time to play your role in the relationship. For instance, try offering them gift at least once in a while, share success card, presents, words of encouragement. In my book how to make someone fall in love with you, I explained in details the importance of showing comfort and concern for someone in times of dependency and the same procedure applies when improving a friendship.
  • Contribute to their needs: If you were emotionally down and someone offers you a help, how you would you regard the person? Certainly, you will be happy and consider the person as a savior right? Now what if the person was a friend? What would now be the level of the friendship? The friendship will without doubt improve. The same thing happens in any other situation when your support is needed. These are some of the things that can improve your friendship.
  • Openly express the truth: When making arrangement for a date, party or any other program, be sincere about the truth. Openly let your friend know if you are interested or not. This way he/she can know what to do than to accept and never participate. Failure to accept and never comply as agreed can lead to misunderstanding.
  • Return what you take: When it comes to what you borrow whether money or any other material item, return them as promised. This is because even if he/she does not ask, it does not mean that he/she does not know. When such thoughts accumulate, it starts gradually destroying the immune of friendship.
  • Choices of word: In order to improve a friendship, you have to mind the choice of words that you use among them. This is because you can say something with a good intention and he/she misunderstood it and it diverts to misunderstanding.
  • Invite them over: At times, you can invite them over to your place. If they are happy going out, you can still create time to make a date with them. These are some of the ways to keep close intimacy among friends. Without doubt, they will know you love their company.

Final words on how to improve a friendship

Finally any time you are around them, always put on a happy smile for them. This is very effective and a great number of researches have shown that people only smile with those whom they are happy with.

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