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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to have fun without friends

How to have fun without friends

There are many reasons why at times people choose to hang out and have fun alone. While others do so for their personal reason, some do so without their wish. This happens most with people without friends or people who are usually busy and have less time making friends.

In whatever situation you might be into, you can still make life enjoyable without having to make friends. Having fun without a friend is not a gene or something inherited, but it's all about self-determination.

Researchers have proven that, when someone starts involving in a certain activity, they soon develop interest for it and this is the same process here.

By making your subconscious mind know that you don't need friends in order to have fun, will soon result as a habit forming which each time your do it, you don't feel the pressure.

How to have fun without friends

  • Get a pet or cat for yourself: You can still have fun without friends by purchasing a pet for yourself. This is because pets tend to have some characteristics of human qualities, which in return, can act as some kind of entertainment.
  • Visit library: One of the ways a person can successfully carry out is by visiting libraries. Libraries can tend to be some kind of fun in the sense that, it has many interesting books. There you will have access to variety of books and in some cases, you can join any of the reading groups there and this is another form of fun without friends.
  • Computer games: Computer games or video games can entertain you for hours when no one is around to keep company. There are varieties of games all over the internet. Some are paid version but the majority of them offers trial version. You can get free games online by going to Google and type in 'Free online games' or you can still use other keywords to narrow your search.
  • Search for bookstore in your area: You can also have fun without friends by searching for a large bookstore where they sell music albums. There, you can spend time among others and listen to music on the headsets. If possible, request a cup of coffee at their coffee shop, and find someone and say hello. You might just make friends like that. Ask members of your family for their favorite bands, and try listening to your parents old CDs.
  • Visit the movies: At most times, it's more enjoyable to watch movies alone in the sense that they will be no one to talk or distract your attention in the theater, by this way, you will feel very comfortable. In addition, you can order drink and popcorn while enjoying the show.

Final words on having fun without friends

There are many things that can keep you busy without friends. So it will be unwise to depend on others to make you feel happy.

Develop a hobby, visit the museums. Remember that the impact behind this is just to feel happy while without any friend.

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