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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to get over a best friend

How to get over a best friend

At times, it hurts us to know that our friends are leaving us. We feel pains not only because we missed them, but due to the fact that, they were cloed to us.

It could be that they moved away, passed away, or that the friendship was not working and finally collapsed.

These are some of the factors that can hinder a friendship thereby separating us from our friends. Since life has its ups and downs, sometimes, things just choose to happen the way they are. But when it's certain that nature has decided that we must lose contact, there is no psychological method other than getting over the friend.

How to get over a best friend

There are some relevant procedures which one must consider in order to forget or get over a best friend. Today I will explain some of these steps so that you can comply and apply:

  • Create new friends: In order to completely get over your friend, you have to create some new friends that will replace them. In some of my articles like how to find new friends and how to make friends in a new town, I explained some of the ways by which you can manage to make real friends. If you manage to get yourself another best friend, you will certainly get over the first one.
  • Dump their belongings: What if it's certain you will never see them again or that because he or she passed away? In such situations, there is nothing to be done than keeping their belongings out of sight. You will never get over a best friend if you continue associating with their belongings. This happens so since, whenever we see such things, they remind us.
  • Show focus on other things: You will only continue to think about them if you let your mind to be idle. You have to get along with your daily activities and keep yourself busy anyway that you can. Try showing concern in social activities or find anything you enjoy doing and concentrate there, something to keep your mind busy and focus. If your mind is focused and concentrated on other things, it will definitely not have time for them.
  • Show intimacy with current friends: You will soon forget about your best friend if you start developing a strong foundation with other friends. Associate with current friends and show intimacy. This way, they will respond back with love.
  • Join others: At times join others and take a tour out. Go places and see new faces. Show more concern for family member. In most cases, they have always been some kind of comfort in this situation.

Final words on getting over a best friend

If you can apply some of the above steps, you will get over them in the shortest period. The more the above steps you practically apply, the greater your chance of getting over them.

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