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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to deal with a mood swing friend

How to deal with a mood swing friend

Why do some people easily change their mood?
What provokes them?
Is it possible to deal with a mood swing friend?

Dealing with a mood swing friend is not about rejecting them but rather having clear understanding of them and what made them behave the way they did. This is so since each human being is different from the other and with different ways of looking at things. In order not to misunderstand people, when dealing with such people, you have to know how they behave and this process applies with a mood swing friend.

What causes mood swings?

There’re many things that can cause someone to switch his or her mood often. While many people have their different reasons for this, still behind all mood swings, is something presently running in the mind.

For example, you may be having fun with someone who lost his or her best friend. While in the discussion, he could remember that, after you leave they will be no one to continue having fun. Now the problem is, if he remembers his best friend who died, the next thing is that, his mood automatically changes.

For some people, they don't know how to control their feelings. If someone slightly misunderstands them, they change like that. For the third group, they may be provoked at home then come to school and keep a cool look on to other friends. For some, is long time idleness. Others were just born to be like that.

How to deal with a mood swing friend

Before you deal with a mood swing friend, you have to first be sure that he or she is someone who easily change their mood. This is to avoid unnecessary fight or quarrel among both of you. This is the same reason why when you know that someone usually behaves in a certain way, when he does, you will not be surprised since you know who he or she is. If they confide in you, try to see if you can help by solving the problem.

This is because, behind any mood swing, there's a problem. If you notice that the problem with your friend is that he failed his exam, then, by encouraging him to work hard will certainly give him hope that he will pass the next term. By tackling his real problem will reduce his mood swing.

The next step is approaching them with your worries. Kindly explain the negative effect of it and how it can soon make others not to understand them as well. Make them know that, this mood swing thing is now affecting other people around.

When explaining this to them, try to bring out real facts. If you managed to make them see with you, they will change or at least reduce the rate.

When it's actually serious, in this case, you can arrange with them to see a specialist. Is this too much for a good friend to do? Certainly not! By this way, the situation will now be handled by the specialist.

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